DBS Bank Debit Card

Do more, Live More.

Life is easier, smoother and better when you have a Debit Card that gives you complete control. Does it all. Here’s your gateway to smarter spends, easier ways to safeguard your card and managing everything at the click of a button.


Curated DBS Bank Delights


Effortlessly Manage Card Security


Complete Card Management from phone

Your Debit Card, Your Control

Is it a debit card or a magic card? YOU decide! Explore a smarter way of life with the DBS Bank debit card.

Limit Update

Limit Update

Adjust your daily spend limit based on your needs, from your DBS Bank account.

Card Settings

Card Settings

Enable or disable transaction channels for your Debit Card, as per your needs and usage from your DBS Bank account.

Smarter Savings

Smarter Savings

Up to 7%* p.a. interest rate on your DBS Bank Savings Account.

Unlimited ATM Withdrawals

ATM Withdrawals

Transact at DBS Bank ATMs, any number of times. Avail generous number of free withdrawals at other bank ATMs too!

How to set up a new DBS Bank debit card


Get Ready to Spoil Yourself Silly

You Deserve the Best…
And the Safest

The best things in life are also the safest. Case in point: DBS Bank’s Debit Card. It’s your Debit Card, and only you get to control it!


Effortless Activation

Activate your card on the digibank app with just a click.


Instant PIN Change

Some things are better NOT shared. Your PIN is one of those. Change it anytime from phone!

Temporary Card Block

Temporary Card Block

No more panicked customer care calls and confusions! Temporarily block your card from the digibank app in just a second. Now if only blocking your ex was this easy…

Easy International Mode

Easy International Mode

When you’re on explorer mode, your card is too. Instantly switch to international mode and make hiccup-free spends no matter where in the world you are!


Contactless Payments

Enjoy contactless Tap to Pay transactions that are faster, smoother and smarter.

Insurance on Debit Card


We take care of your life itself, also enjoy Zero Liability Protection, a unique feature that gives your Debit Card superior protection against unauthorised purchases on loss, theft or misplacement.

Complimentary Personal Accident upto INR 100,000/-

Complimentary Personal Accident upto INR 100,000/-


Zero Liability Protection upto INR 25,000/-

Zero Liability Protection upto INR 25,000/-


Applicable for Visa Classic, Visa Platinum, Rupay Classic and Rupay Platinum.

General Conditions:

  • Insurance cover is applicable on active debit card i.e one transaction on in last 90 days.
  • In case of multiple cards, only 1 card will be applicable.
  • Not applicable for On duty Pilot, armed forces
  • Terms & Conditions of Insurance policy will be applicable and final decision of the insurer will have to be abided for

Think That's All? There's more where that came from!

Whether it’s smarter savings, better investments, easy personal loans, international fund transfers - your digibank is designed to help you live better. It’s so easy, it feels like magic!

Personal Loan

Fast-track your life with instant paperless DBS Bank personal loans of up to ₹15 Lakhs.

Fixed Deposit

Stay ready for every contingency and rainy days with fixed deposits at a higher interest rate.

Recurring Deposit

Make goal-oriented savings effortlessly at a higher interest rate!


Keep love and life undelayed with instant international transfers at no extra cost.


Through thick and thin, we’ve got you covered with health insurance plans for the family, automobile insurance and travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visa Tap to Pay?

Visa Tap to Pay is a new contactless method of payment – the latest evolution in Visa payments. It is a simple, secure and quick payment method. The technology enables cardholders to ‘Tap’ their card on a contactless Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminal to make transactions up to ₹2,000, rather than ‘swiping’ or ‘dipping’ their card into PoS terminals.

How does the technology work?

Visa Contactless cards have a tiny antenna embedded into the chip which securely transmits payment instructions to and from a specially adapted card terminal. These cards feature a distinctive contactless mark and PoS terminals for Contactless Cards will also feature this contactless symbol.

Why has DBS Bank introduced Visa Tap to Pay?

At DBS Bank, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for you. Introducing Visa Tap to Pay enabled DBS Bank Debit Cards will let you make quick and easy transactions. And we want you to have access to the latest features and benefits. Visa Tap to Pay enabled debit cards will be issued when:

  • You request for a Debit Card for the first time on the digibank app
  • You ask for a replacement card
  • You renew your DBS Bank Debit Card
How do I use my Visa Tap to Pay card?
You can make Tap to Pay transactions by holding your card within 5cm of the secure contactless reader. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete. You can also choose to have a receipt. It’s optional.
Where can I use my Visa Contactless card?

You can use your Visa Tap to Pay enabled card at any retailer displaying the contactless symbol at the point of sale in India and overseas.