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FD Calculator

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FD Calculator

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FD Calculator

Total Investment

₹ 1,00,000

Total Interest

₹ 38,042

Maturity Value

₹ 1,38,042

Say Hello to Our FD Calculator!

You could be a planner, a dreamer, or a dreamer with a plan. You could be saving up for a rainy day or your child's Ivy League education. Or a soon-to-be senior citizen who is planning their retirement fund. Whatever be the case, a Fixed Deposit should be a part of your savings or investment plan. An FD Calculator helps you understand how much to save, for how long, to get the returns you want.

Let's say you wish to buy an impressive Saville Row suit next year. Maybe you want to buy it using the interest earned on your term deposit. In that case, an FD Calculator will help you understand the principal amount you need to put in the FD and the maturity amount you will receive. Essentially, an FD Calculator helps you to assess how much fruit will your savings bear.

How to use the FD Calculator?

With digibank's FD Calculator, you can instantly know the amount you will get on term maturity. Just follow these 4 easy steps to find out how much your savings will grow:

  • Choose your customer type - are you a senior citizen or not a senior citizen?
  • Choose the principal amount you want as your Fixed Deposit.
  • Choose the FD tenure.
  • The rate of interest will be automatically chosen based on your chosen tenure.

Just hit 'Calculate', and you will see the interest earned along with the maturity amount!

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How is Fixed Deposit interest calculated?

We know that Math is not the most favourite subject for many. So, the FD Calculator calculates the interest earned and maturity amount for you.

The FD Calculation Formula is- M = P + (P x r x t/100), M stands for 'Maturity Amount', P stands for the 'Principal Amount', r is for 'rate of interest', and t is the 'tenure'. If you wish to know only the interest earned, you can subtract the principal amount from the maturity amount. If you want to know the compounded interest, the formula is- M= P + P {(1 + i/100) t – 1}, where i is the 'rate of interest per period'. Trust us, seeing the maturity amount and interest earned numbers will make you love Math! Start your Fixed Deposit online at great interest rates with digibank by DBS.

What are the interest rates offered on FD against different tenures?

digibank's interest rates are the wind beneath your wings. Whether you want to earn an enviable interest to buy that latest laptop in 3 months or save up for your adventurous world tour in 5 years, there is a tenure length and rate of interest that will get you what you want.

You can deposit as less as Rs. 5000 or as much as your CEO-level yearly bonus. Choose between a tenure length of 90 days to above 5 years.

The minimum rate of interest you can get is 2.75% for a 90-day tenure. If you can lock-in your principal amount for 5 years and more, you can get a rate of interest of 5.5%.

Here's a look at the rate of interest your principal amount will get you for different tenures:

Rates w.e.f. 28th July, 2022

Tenure Interest Rate p.a.
7 Days 2.50%
8 days & up to 14 days 2.75%
15 days & up to 29 days 2.75%
30 days & up to 45 days 2.75%
46 days & up to 60 days 2.75%
61 days & up to 90 days 3.00%
91 days to 180 days 3.00%
181 days to 269 days 4.75%
270 days to less than 1 year 4.75%
1 year to 375 days 5.75%
376 days to less than 2 years 6.00%
2 years & less than 2 years 6 months 6.50%
2 years & 6 months 6.50%
2 years 6 months 1 day & less than 3 years 6.50%
3 years and less than 4 years 6.25%
4 years to less than 5 years 6.25%
5 years and above 6.25%

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Why should I invest in digibank's Fixed Deposit?

Life is unpredictable, and you need a support system to help you through it. digibank by DBS's Fixed Deposit is that support system which will help you sail through a financially uncertain time. Here's a look at how it helps make your life easier:


Manage medical emergencies

An FD is like a safety net. In case of an unforeseen medical expense such as hospitalisation, having an FD means you won't need to compromise your or a loved one's health. The savings from your FD will pay for your bills and medicines.

Allow digibankby DBS to take on the financial worry as you focus on your health.


Deal with job uncertainties

Even if your salary account takes a hit, you can count on your Fixed Deposit to pay the bills. While you cannot control the job market and how happy your boss is with your performance, you can count on your FD to see you through a few months of financial uncertainty.

Start saving for an uncertain job market by opening an FD.


Insured digibank FDs

Come hail or high water; your FDs are secure, and nothing will affect your returns. The DICGC insures your FD for up to Rs. 5,00,000. Once you have made your deposit, your maturity amount is guaranteed.

Get the peace of mind you need with a digibank Fixed Deposit.



Need to change the maturity instructions for your FD at 3 AM in the morning? Consider it done immediately with the digibank by DBS app. You can manage your amount, tenure, nominee and termination options at any time, from anywhere!

Go ahead, get an FD that works for you.



You needn't be sitting on a golden egg to open a digibank FD. You can start an FD with even a minimum of Rs. 5,000. Play around with any permutation and combination of principal amount and tenure. The FD Calculator will help you assess what combination works best for you.

Download the digibank by DBS to quickly open an FD.

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FD Calculator FAQs

No, there is no fee attached to the use of the FD Calculator.
Note down the principal amount you want to put in the FD and the tenure.
The calculations are immediate.
If you have a particular target amount you want to reach in a specific time, you can use the FD Calculator to see how much you need to save/ deposit to achieve that goal in those many years. You can also try different combinations of principal amount and tenure to know when and how you can reach your goal.