Introducing the all new Mutual Funds experience on digibank

With 5 star-ratings & real time fund information, choosing the right Mutual Fund on digibank is that much easier now. Here’s why

  • 5 star rated Mutual Funds by top investment research firm MorningstarTM
  • Real time & in-depth fund information
  • Compare between Mutual Funds
  • Buy/sell in a flash
  • 100% paperless

You can now tell the difference between Mutual Funds.

Everyone has different goals in life, and we are all comfortable with different levels of risk. If you want to play it safe and grow your wealth slowly, or if you are willing to take a risk to earn a higher rate of interest, we’ve got it covered with a wide range of Mutual Funds. If you want a hassle-free way to start investing, Mutual Funds on digibank couldn’t be easier.

Tailored investments

To match your agreed risk level

Zero transaction fees

On your investments

Lifetime free

Investment account

A huge choice of top funds

With over 250 Mutual Funds

Stay safe and secure

With 24x7 security and encrypted communications

Choosing between Mutual Funds can’t get easier. Watch to know how.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone with a digiSavings account can invest in Mutual Funds on digibank
  • We’ll use your PAN to check if you have previously completed a Mutual Funds Know Your Customer (KYC) profile with a Mutual Fund house
  • Once we’ve seen your Mutual Funds KYC profile, we just need you to answer a few simple questions and you’re ready to go
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a Mutual Funds KYC profile yet – we’ll help you to complete one so you can invest in Mutual Funds on digibank

How to Apply for Mutual Funds

For digibank users

  • Using the digibank mobile app
    • Launch the app on your smartphone
    • Log in and tap “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu
    • Follow instructions to complete verification
    • Start investing!
  • Using the digibank ibanking website
    • Log in and select “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu
    • Follow instructions to complete verification
    • Start investing!

    Login Now

New to digibank?

  • Download the digibank mobile app on your smartphone
  • Launch the app and sign up for a full digiSavings account
  • Log in and tap “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu
  • Follow instructions to complete verification
  • Start investing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have registered for Mutual Funds on digibank and completed your risk profile, you can start buying and selling Mutual Fund schemes on the app. Just select “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu then choose a fund based on name, category, offers, investment goals or performance.

All Mutual Fund investments made on the digibank app will be linked to your digiSavings account. Investments made using ibanking, with a relationship manger or using a DBS Treasures savings account will be linked to your treasures savings account. Investments made using the digibank app can only be viewed in the app.

No, you don’t need to register separately. After registering with us, you can invest with all of the AMCs available on the digibank app.

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