DBS Bank Growth Plus
NRE & NRO accounts

Power to choose the infinite joy, now in your hands with a DBS Bank Growth Plus NRE & NRO Savings Account

Avail benefits worth ₹75,000+ through exclusive offers, memberships, and vouchers

Here's why you should choose a DBS Growth Plus NRE & NRO account

No More Entering OTPs

Low minimum monthly balance requirement of ₹25,000

Deposit Icon

Get higher interest rates on NRE & NRO Fixed Deposits

Seamless Investments

Stay ahead of the game by investing in Mutual Funds

Goal-Based Savings

Free access to DBS Bank's digital banking services

growth rates

Lower FX markup rates on remittance to India

Debits icon

An elevated lifestyle with a Platinum Visa Debit Card

Here's why you should choose a DBS Bank Growth Plus NRE & NRO Savings Account

Amazon Pay Gift Card worth ₹250*

worth ₹250*

Choice of offers across Entertainment, Health, Shopping and Dining = Benefits over ₹5,000*

Choose offers across Entertainment, Health, Shopping and Dining benefits over ₹5,000*

Membership with benefits

Times Prime Lite Annual Membership with benefits worth ₹25,000*

Annual Membership with benefits worth ₹60,000*

Annual savings up to ₹50,000* with exclusive offers on your Visa Platinum Debit Card


Here's more and more and more!

seameless Banking Remote

Free cheque book

No More Entering OTPs

Free intelligent banking insights

Track Your Spends

Free monthly account statements

Seamless Investments

Seamless buying of Mutual Funds from your account

Digital Banking

Free access to DBS Bank’s digital banking services

Head to the nearest branch to open your DBS Bank Growth Plus NRE & NRO accounts

Maintain a Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of ₹25,000 in your DBS Bank Growth Plus NRE & NRO accounts and enjoy a host of benefits.

Here’s a look at the offer details

Amazon Pay gift card worth ₹250*


Offer bundle with a host of benefits worth over ₹5,000 across Entertainment, Health, Dining, and Shopping. Choose ONE offer from each category, based on your lifestyle.








Redeeming offers, easier than ever.


To get the Amazon Pay Gift Card worth ₹250, maintain a Monthly Average Balance of ₹25,000, in the month following account opening, regardless of the date of opening the account.


Avail offers worth ₹5,000 on brands like Amazon Prime, Cult.Fit, Swiggy, etc. by spending ₹10,000 on your Debit Card before the end of the month, following the account opening month.


To get a TimesPrime Lite Annual membership with benefits worth ₹25,000, spend cumulative ₹30,000 on your Debit Card by the end of 3rd months, following account opening.

Think, Thats All? There's more where that came from!

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Fast-track your life with instant paperless DBS Bank personal loans of up to ₹15 Lakh.

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An app for all your banking needs by Asia's Safest Bank.

Recurring Deposit

Make goal-oriented savings effortlessly at a higher interest rate!


Keep love and life undelayed with instant international transfers at no extra cost.


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