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Monthly Investment Calculator

Manage your investments with digibank by DBS' Monthly Investment Calculator

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Monthly Investment Calculator

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My Investment Goal

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My Present Investments

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Step 03

My Expected Returns

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The trick to building wealth is to invest with discipline. Put your income to work and grow your savings steadily by investing a fixed sum each month. Diversify your investment into different groups or invest a fixed amount in a specific instrument every month. Create a monthly investment plan and use the digibank by DBS' Monthly Investment (MI) Calculator to compute the expected investment return.

What is a Monthly Investment Calculator?

A Monthly Investment Calculator is a free-to-use online calculator that helps you compute the exact amount you should invest each month to attain your financial goals over a specific tenure. Also called the monthly investment plan calculator, this online tool allows you to enter several investment-specific parameters to compute the investment amount automatically and estimated returns on investment at the end of the investment term.

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How to use a Monthly Investment Calculator?

With the help of the Monthly Investment Calculator, you can compute the exact amount you should invest to achieve your short and long-term goals. You can calculate the monthly amount needed in three simple steps by entering figures into the four tabs.

1. Enter the investment goal value

In the first tab of the monthly investment plan calculator, you must input the amount or value you intend to get out of your monthly investments.

2. Enter the value of your present investments

If you have any existing investments, you must enter the same value in the second tab of the investment calculator.

3. Enter values of your expected returns

The third tab of the Monthly Investment Calculator comprises two sub-tabs. In the first, you must enter your preferred investment tenure, i.e., the duration (in years) for which you intend to keep investing a fixed sum to achieve your financial goal. In the second, you must input a reasonable returns rate you expect from your investment (in percentage).

The Monthly Investment Calculator automatically computes the amount you need to invest each month to reach your financial goals.

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Key Features and Benefits

The Monthly Investment Calculator is an online tool and is free to use, 24x7.

It instantly computes the investment amount required to achieve your financial goals.

You can readjust values to increase or decrease the monthly investment amount and arrive at your preferred investment amount.

The Monthly Investment calculator computes 100% accurate values.

You do not need to bother with manual, error-filled calculations

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The Monthly Investment Calculator helps you begin your investment journey by setting your short term or long-term investment goals. It helps you plan your finances. It also computes the total value of potential returns based on your chosen investment instruments and their generated returns.

You may choose your preferred investment amount based on your monthly expenses and savings and determine the investment tenure. The calculator is readily available online, thus making it convenient to use any time, any place.

While the Monthly Investment Calculator shows you an approximate returns rate, it also considers certain factors that may alter the expected rate of returns. These include:
  • Inflation: The price of a commodity now will not be the same after ten years because of inflation.
  • Market Volatility: The stock market is highly volatile. If the market underperforms, the rate of return would be lower than expected.
  • Expense Ratio: If your monthly investments consist of Mutual Fund SIPs, the expense ratio of the fund manager will affect the return rate.
  • Exit Load: If you decide to redeem your investments before maturity, the Asset Management Company will charge an exit load or a penalty for early liquidation.
Recurring Deposit Calculators, Mutual Funds SIP, Car or Home Loan Calculators, National Pension System Calculators are some examples of Monthly Investment calculators Indian investments houses offer.
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