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Debit card annual fee/charges

What are DBS Debit Card charges? What is the frequency of these charges? When was the communication sent by the bank for these charges?

Your digibank by DBS Debit Card has an annual fee of ₹150+18% GST, applicable from the second year of opening your digiSavings account. A nominal amount of ₹150+₹27 (GST) would be charged once a year. The first debit of the annual charges will be processed starting July 2020. Please note that you may be also charged for subsequent reissuances of your physical debit card. An email was sent by us from the email id - [email protected], in the month of June 2020 notifying our customers of the charges.

What is the GST amount?

The annual debit card charges will be ₹150+18% GST (₹27). Hence ₹177 will be debited from your digiSavings account.

Are these annual charges going to increase in the future?
The nominal amount of ₹150+GST is an annual debit card charge, applicable from the second year of your digiSavings account opening. We will not be increasing this amount anytime this year and will keep you informed if there are any changes in the future.
I have not been charged any debit card charges before. Why am I being charged now? Can I apply for waiver of DC charges?
The annual debit card charges of ₹150+GST are only charged from the second year of digiSavings account opening. We had not charged the annual fees before this year, even though the same is included in our Rates and Fees, as a service gesture towards our customers.

We regret that there are no waivers applicable on the annual debit card charges.

I have used more than one debit card, am I going to be charged for all cards? Would I also be charged extra for replacement card apart from the annual charges?
We will only deduct annual charges for the debit card presently being used by you. Kindly note that you may be also charged separately for any future debit card reissuances, if you have not exceeded the limit of 4 replacement debit cards for that year.
Would I still be charged if I have not used my card or have blocked my card & have not requested for a replacement card yet?
The debit card annual fees will be charged for all active debit cards, even if you are not using the same. However, you will be charged the debit card annual fees and reissuance charges separately, whenever you submit the request for the reissuance, provided you have not exceeded the limit of 4 replacement debit cards for that year.
Can I use digibank account without availing Debit Card services?
Your digibank by DBS Debit Card offers benefits like unlimited withdrawals at 2,00,000 ATMs across India, shopping at over 1,00,000 online merchants and most importantly, an active debit card will come handy should you ever need to reset your password while accessing your account on the digibank app.
digibank Debit Card is not operational on all International Websites, why should I pay the charges?
digibank Debit Card can be used at 2 million ATMs worldwide and you can also shop at any physical store around the world, after you activate it for international usage. The card can be used on some international websites and we are always enhancing our features. You get all these benefits at a nominal annual charge of ₹177 (₹150+GST).
Will there be any extra features associated with my debit card or can I get an account where I am offered a free debit card?
If you would like to explore other account options, please visit our website for more details. Please do let us know what extra features you would like with your digibank Debit Card. You can write to us at [email protected].
Now that I must pay the annual charges, how can I share my feedback regarding the debit card charges being applied?
If you would like to share your feedback regarding the annual debit card charges being levied, please write to us [email protected].


What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of replacing a card’s 16-digit number on the plastic card with a unique alternate card number, or ‘Token’ which shall be unique for a combination of card, token requestor and device. Tokens can be used for online transactions, mobile point-of-sale transactions or in-app transactions. This token contains no personal information that can be directly accessed making it secure method to complete payments.

What is the RBI’s new tokenization guideline?

RBI has directed the payment aggregators, wallets and online merchants (entities in card transaction/payment chain other than card issuers/card networks) not to store any sensitive card related customer information including full card details. Hence, the card numbers can be replaced with ‘token’s as mentioned above. This RBI mandate would come into effect from 1st October 2022. Please be assured that this will not hamper your credit card experience but will make your credit card transactions more secure. 

What happens to my saved cards from 1st October 2022?

As the card details will not be saved from 1st October 2022 you will need to tokenize your card on the corresponding Merchant website or app. You can then continue to make payments without entering your card details again on that Merchant if you have generated a token. If you do not tokenize your card, then you would have to manually enter your full card details for making transactions.

How would tokens be used by online Merchants?

This token will be used instead of your card details for all the online payments you make on the merchants.

What is the benefit of Tokenization?

A tokenized card transaction is considered safer as the actual card details are not shared / stored with the merchants to perform the transaction.

How do I tokenize my card with online Merchant?

You should follow the instructions specified by the online Merchant and follow the registration and verification flow in order to register for Tokenization and store the token with the online Merchant. 

Generally, the process would entail filing your card details, followed by verification via OTP and then a token will be generated associated with your card. This token will be saved by the online Merchant.

What happens if I do not tokenize my card?

If you do not choose to tokenize your card then you will have to enter all your card details including card number, expiry and CVV for every payment you make.

Can my token on one merchant be used for another?

No, token registered on one merchant cannot be used on another merchant. Each merchant will have a unique token associated with every card saved on that Merchant. This token cannot be used for any other card that you might have or on any other merchant. Essentially, your card will have multiple tokens based on the number of Merchant you would have tokenized your card with.

How can I delete token generated by me?

You can delete token by directly going to the merchant’s website/app and deleting the card associated with the token from your payment preferences.

Is there any limit on the number of cards that I can request for Tokenization?

You can request for Tokenization of any number of cards to perform a transaction.

Can I select which card to be used in case I have more than one card tokenized

For performing any transaction, you will be free to use any of the cards registered with the token requestor / merchant.

Once tokenized, how will the I get to see the card details on the merchant page?

You will be able to see the last 4 digits of the card on the merchant page.

What will happen to the token once my card gets replaced or renewed or reissued or upgraded?

You will have to visit the merchant page and create a fresh token by following the instructions available on the merchants’ page.


Can my identity be stolen through the chip in my hand?
Only minimal account and information is stored on a Visa Tap to Pay card, which is no more than traditional magnetic stripe cards or contact chip cards. Our Visa Tap to Pay cards do not transmit the cardholder name or other personal details such as address or contact details, hence such information cannot be accessed by unauthorised methods.
What benefits do I get with the debit card?

Your virtual debit card, which comes with digibank e-wallet, can be used for online and electronic transactions in India, within specified limits.

Your physical debit card, which comes with digiSavings, can be used anywhere regular debit cards can be used, including online and point of sale transactions, as well as overseas. You also get free unlimited cash withdrawals at nearly 2,00,000 ATMs across India.

Both debit cards are subject to usage limits.

What rewards can I get with digibank?

Check out our deals page for the latest offers. Our rewards, deals, and offers are changing all the time. It simply wouldn't be possible to list them all here!

Tap to Pay Queries

What is Visa Tap to Pay?

Visa Tap to Pay is a new contactless method of payment - the latest evolution in Visa payments. It is a simple, secure and quick payment method. The technology enables cardholders to 'Tap' their card on a contactless Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminal to make transactions up to INR 2,000, rather than 'swiping' or 'dipping' their card into PoS terminals.

How does the technology work?

Visa Contactless cards have a tiny antenna embedded into the chip which securely transmits payment instructions to and from a specially adapted card terminal. These cards feature a distinctive contactless mark .

What does the EMVCo Contactless mean?

When shown on a card, the EMVCo Contactless Indicator* means the card has the capability to make contactless payments.

When shown at a merchant, the Contactless Indicator means a merchant accepts contactless payments.

The EMVCo Contactless Symbol is where you tap your contactless card or payment-enabled device on the checkout terminal to make a contactless payment.
Why has digibank introduced Visa Tap to Pay?

We're always looking for ways to make it easier for you. Introducing Visa Tap to Pay enabled digibank debit cards will let you make quick and easy transactions. And we want you to have access to the latest features and benefits. Visa Tap to Pay enabled debit cards will be issued when:

  • You request for a debit card for the first time on the digibank app
  • You ask for a replacement card
  • You renew your digibank debit card
How do I use my Visa Tap to Pay card?

You can make Tap to Pay transactions by holding your card within 2.5-5 cm of the Contactless Symbol on the terminal. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete. You can choose to have a receipt. It's optional.

How long do I need to hold my card to the checkout terminal?

You should hold your card or device to the terminal for 1-2 seconds. You'll be done before you can say ta-da.

Where can I use my Visa Contactless card?

You can tap to pay where you see the Contactless Symbol at checkout. Millions of merchants around the world accept contactless payments, including fast food restaurants, greengrocers, chemists, and more.

What are the benefits of Tap to Pay?

A Visa Tap to Pay enabled card is a quicker and more convenient way to pay.

  • It saves time on both sides of the counter, due to shorter transaction times and shorter queue times
  • It's more convenient, as there is no need to worry about carrying around pockets of cash
  • The card doesn't leave your hand at the checkout when making a contactless purchase
  • There is no need to sign for transactions or enter a PIN for purchases to up INR 2,000
Can I still use my card the same way if I do not wish to tap & pay?

You can still use your VISA Tap to Pay enabled card at ATM's and make PoS transactions by entering your PIN or signing for your transactions. The Tap to Pay transaction limit is up to INR 2,000 per transaction, however you can still use your Tap to Pay card for any transaction over INR 2,000 by 'swiping' or 'dipping' the card using PIN or signature.

What is the transaction limit for a Tap to Pay transaction?

As per RBI guidelines, for transactions up to INR 2,000 made on a Tap to Pay enabled terminal, you do not need to enter the PIN, you simply wave the card at the reader. The transaction limit on your Visa Debit Card is INR 100000 which includes Tap to Pay transaction upto Rs. 2000 and transactions that are not Tap to Pay enabled i.e. Pos transactions. For cash withdrawals at ATM, the limit is INR 25,000.

Can I choose not to have a Tap to Pay card?

All new and renewal cards will be automatically issued shall be VISA Tap to Pay enabled debit cards. However, you have the option to not use the Tap to Pay functionality. You can still choose to 'swipe or dip' your card using a PIN or signature even if a Tap to Pay contactless terminal is available.

Why do I not have a choice to select a Tap to Pay card or a non Tap to Pay card?

There are many benefits associated with using Tap to Pay card in terms of ease of payment and its convenience. You can still choose to use your card in the way you are most comfortable with – whether by Tap to Pay, PIN or signature. You can be rest assured that with all transactions made using your Tap to Pay card are completely secure. If you suspect any unauthorised charges on your card, please call us immediately.

Can I use my Tap to Pay card overseas?

Yes, you can use your Tap to Pay card wherever the contactless symbol is displayed in India or overseas. The Visa Tap to Pay enabled card can be used for traditional transactions at millions of locations worldwide wherever the Visa logo is displayed, including over the internet. Remember to enable international transactions on your debit card through your digibank app if you wish to use it overseas!

Can I use my Tap to Pay card at retailers that do not have Visa Tap to Pay terminals?

Yes, you can still use your Tap to Pay card, as the card's chip and magnetic stripe also allows the card to be used in the same way a traditional Visa card is used, by using a signature or PIN.

What is the difference between Tap to Pay and PayPass?

Tap to Pay is the name of this technology for Visa cards, whereas PayPass is for MasterCard.

Can PayPass terminals accept Tap to Pay card payment?

Yes, you can use Tap to Pay cards on PayPass terminals.

Is there any chance that payments may be taken twice from my account?

No, Visa Tap to Pay terminals are designed to only make one transaction per card at a time. All Visa Tap to Pay terminals are tested and certified to confirm that a card is only read once, before the transaction is concluded. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

How do I know when a payment has been made?

The transaction is confirmed by illumination of four green indicator lights and a display message confirming that the transaction has been successful.

Are contactless payments safe?

Yes. Your contactless card or payment-enabled device is safe for a number of reasons:

  • Just like with a chip card, each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects your payment information.
  • You can’t pay accidentally - your card or device must be within 2.5-5 cm of the terminal for the transaction to occur (and you won’t be billed twice, even if you accidentally tap twice).
Is this technology as secure as my current Visa card?

Visa Tap to Pay enabled cards are just as secure as your current Visa debit card and carry the same multiple layers of security protection, which ensures members are not responsible for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions. The card never leaves your hands when making transactions, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Can I get cash out with a Visa Tap to Pay transaction?

No, but if you would like to get cash out, you can withdraw cash using your digibank debit card absolutely free at all DBS ATMs across India.

Can I request a Tap to Pay card prior to the renewal of my existing card?

Yes, you can request a Visa debit Tap to Pay card prior to the expiry of your existing card through your digibank app. You will receive your brand new Visa Tap to Pay enabled debit card at the address provided by you through the app. What's more – you need not wait for the PIN to arrive. You can activate your debit card and set your PIN on your digibank app itself!

Cashback Related

How do I qualify for cashback?

We are offering cash back on qualifying transactions done on your digibank debit card. Find more details for our cashback program: https://www.dbs.com/digibank/in/deals-and-offers.page

How can I find if I get my cashback?

Cashback will be reflected in your transaction history. It would have the word "cashback" in the transaction description.

Is there a cap on cashback amount?

Yes there is a cap on cashback, please find below details for our cashback program: https://www.dbs.com/digibank/in/deals-and-offers.page

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