Fixed Deposit Incentive

Fixed Deposit Incentive

Offer: Offer: Put your Fixed Deposit on Auto-Renewal and get Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 250.

  • Auto-renew your FD by choosing the following maturity setting -
    • Manage Deposit > On maturity > Re-invest it all in another deposit

  • This exclusive offer is only for the customers who have received this email directly from digibank.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligible customers will get the Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 250 within 90 days of the end of the Offer.
  • Customers who do not have an Active FD set on Auto-renewal (Re-invest it all in another deposit) in the maturity instructions, will not be eligible for Amazon Vouchers.
  • Pre-closed FDs will not be considered eligible for the competition.
  • Only 1 voucher per customer will be allowed for the Fixed Deposit auto-renewal.
  • Customers setting the maturity setting to auto-renewal and reversing it back to closure will not be eligible for the voucher.
  • This is an exclusive offer shared with the customer who have Fixed Deposit due for maturity.
  • This limited period offer is for Fixed Deposits due for maturity and customer needs to update the maturity settings before the FD maturity. Customers who do not change the Fixed Deposit maturity setting before the maturity date and keep it for the asked tenure will not be eligible for Amazon Voucher.

    For example: If customer has received the communication on 15th January for a Fixed Deposit maturing on 20th January – then the customer needs to ensure that the on-maturity setting is updated to ‘Re-invest it all in another deposit’ before the FD matures i.e. - before 20th January
  • An e-voucher will be sent via email or SMS on the email id or the mobile number that is registered in the digiSavings account maintained with the Bank.
  • Usage of Amazon Voucher is subject to its applicable terms and conditions.
  • Premature Closure: The Bank shall allow withdrawal of Fixed Deposit prior to the date of its maturity. The interest on prematurely withdrawn Fixed Deposit will be paid for the period that such Fixed Deposit is held, at the rate prevailing on the date of placement of such Fixed Deposit or the contracted rate, whichever is lower, subject to a deduction of a 1% penalty. Any recovery of interest already paid shall be adjusted from the proceeds of such Fixed Deposit.
  • Customers with the FD with a time duration of greater than 365 days (1 year) will be eligible for the Amazon Vouchers.
  • Customers pre-closing the FD will not be eligible for the vouchers.
  • DBS reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or discontinue the Offer, the website and/or these terms and conditions or any part thereof at any time without prior notification.
  • Customer consents to DBS’ collection and use of your personal data and the use and disclosure of your personal data by/to third parties for the purpose of the Offer. You agree to the terms of the DBS Privacy Policy, a copy which can be found at
  • This Offer is voluntary and by participating in the Offer, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  • This Offer will be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai.
  • General terms and conditions for Fixed Deposits shall be applicable in entirety on all deposits booked under the Offer.