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Life just gets easier with the digibank app. We don’t just help you bank smarter, we’ve also got discounts and exclusive deals on travel, shopping, entertainment, dining and more! See our offers here.

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Live more, bank less with digibank.

No paperwork, no charges on digital transactions and no minimum balance rules. All you need is your phone and the digibank app!

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Simplified Banking. Stronger Security

No more one-time passwords or security tokens. Automatic authentication works seamlessly in the background, keeping your money completely safe.

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Up to 5% interest on your savings

Don’t settle for less. Get Up to 5% interest on your savings. *T&C Apply.

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No minimum balance needed

With digibank you can enjoy your hard-earned money, because there’s no minimum balance that you need to worry about!

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digibank in the headlines

Read about digibank in the news and see how India’s first digital bank is changing the way people do their banking.

Play it safe

Awarded ‘Safest Bank in Asia’ by Global Finance for ten years in a row, DBS is one of Asia’s most respected financial institutions.

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Selected reads to help you make better decisions and manage your money better. Gain insights to fit your goals anywhere.

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Life is just easier with digibank. No more waiting in line or filling out forms at the bank, just grab your phone and in a few taps you’re done.