At a Glance - Fixed Deposit

Term deposits help you get the most from your savings without risking a thing. You can use the digibank app to make a one-off deposit, save monthly or set a savings goal. Choose how long you want to invest your money for and when the term ends, you can either reinvest in a new deposit or just add your newly boosted savings to your digiSavings account!

Instant, hassle-free and paperless

Invest on-the-go with the digibank app

Maximise your savings

Earn up to 7.5% interest per annum

Bank the way you want to

Save a one-off amount or make regular deposits

Benefits of Fixed Deposit

  • Simple: anyone with a digiSavings account can make a term deposit
  • Convenient: Manage your deposit using the digibank app or ibanking
  • Paperless: no bank queues or filling in long forms
  • Flexible: save towards a goal or make daily, monthly or quarterly payments
  • Customisable: make a fixed deposit of ₹5000 and up or a recurring deposit of ₹100 and up and choose how long you want to invest for
  • Secure: deposits are insured by the DICGC for up to ₹1 lakh (learn more here)

Frequently Asked Questions for Fixed Deposit

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How to Apply for Fixed Deposit

  • For digibank users

    • Using the digibank mobile app
      • Launch the app on your smartphone
      • Log in and tap “Term Deposits” in the navigation menu

    • Using the digibank ibanking website
      • Log in and tap “Term Deposits” in the navigation menu
      • Click on “Term Deposits”

  • New to digibank?

    • Download the digibank mobile app on your smartphone
    • Launch the app and sign up for a full digiSavings account
    • Tap “Term Deposits” in the navigation menu