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Not so long ago, a fixed deposit was the default investment option for most Indian families. Over the years, It has earned investors’ trust because it offers a high degree of safety and predictable returns.

Invest in our fixed deposit to get higher returns with Asia’s safest bank, at a fixed rate throughout the tenure.

digibank by DBS offers the below fixed deposit interest rates*:

Rates w.e.f. 28th July, 2022

Tenure Interest Rate p.a.
7 days 2.50%
8 days & up to 14 days 2.75%
15 days & up to 29 days 2.75%
30 days & up to 45 days 2.75%
46 days & up to 60 days 2.75%
61 days & up to 90 days 3.00%
91 to 180 days 3.00%
181 to 269 days 4.75%
270 to less than 1 year 4.75%
1 year to 375 days 5.75%
376 days to less than 2 years 6.00%
2 years & less than 2 years 6 months 6.50%
2 years & 6 months 6.50%
2 years 6 months 1 day & less than 3 years 6.50%
3 years and less than 4 years 6.25%
4 years to less than 5 years 6.25%
5 years and above 6.25%

*Rates are subject to change at DBS Bank’s discretion. Please click here for the latest information.


  • W.e.f 3rd September 2021, Preferential rate of 50bps will be provided to Resident senior citizen on FD bookings < INR 2 Cr.
  • Senior Citizen preferential rate is applicable only for domestic term deposits. Senior citizen preferential rate benefit is not applicable for NRO and NRE term deposits.
  • Preferential rate will be applicable for tenure of 181 days and above.
  • Pref rate will only apply for FD booking by individuals. For Non individual FD booking (e.g. HUF) no preferential rate is applicable.

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How Interest on Fixed Deposit is Calculated

Various factors like the amount invested, duration of the FD, rate of interest and computation frequency play a role in the interest you earn on your fixed deposit. Though you needn't worry about complex calculations, you still need to know your fixed deposit's interest rate to estimate how much you've accumulated over the tenure. In fact, we have a unique interest fixed deposit calculator coming soon! You can view this information when you invest through our digbank by DBS app.

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How to apply for a Fixed Deposit?

Follow these steps to apply for our digibank by DBS fixed deposit products:

For digibank users

If you’re using the digibank mobile app

Login to your digibank account

Login to your digibank account


Go to the navigation menu and tap on Deposits

Go to the navigation menu and tap on "Deposits"


Under Deposits, select Fixed Deposits

Under Deposits, select "Fixed Deposits"


Follow instructions to begin investing

Follow instructions to begin investing


If you’re using digibank ibanking website

Login in and click on Deposits in the navigation menu

Login in and click on "Deposits" in the navigation menu


Then click on Open New Deposit to start investing

Then click on "Open New Deposit" to start investing



New to digibank?

Open your digibank savings account in just a few minutes.

Download digibank

Download digibank.


Fill your details and complete KYC

Fill your details and complete KYC.


Activate your digibank savings account

Activate your digibank savings account.



Frequently Asked Questions

A fixed deposit is considered as the safest and most reliable investment option available in the market. The interest rate we offer makes it an ideal choice for you to make the most of your savings.

When you choose to 'Reinvest on Maturity', it means that you have given instructions to create a new deposit on the maturity of your current deposit. The entire amount (your original investment and the interest you have earned) will be reinvested.

To view our latest interest rates, visit the 'Fixed Deposits' section on our digibank by DBS app or log in to ibanking. Alternatively, click here to view the detailed rate table.

To find out how much interest you've earned on your FD, visit "Deposits (FD)" section of the digibank app.

The interest on your Fixed Deposit is credited to your account on maturity or withdrawal. However, if you withdraw prematurely, you will get the prevailing interest rate.