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noun /un•bœnk/

Ever find yourself wishing for a bank that thinks, behaves and acts exactly like you would want it to – a partner so seamless and intuitive that is unlike any other. Banking and technology rolled into one that it almost magically produces more time for you each day – to do more of things you love. The Unbank is here – digibank by DBS.







It’s time for you to live more, bank less with digibank by DBS. Watch Video arrow

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Up to 7.50%* p.a. interest on Fixed Deposits. Senior citizens get 8.00%^ p.a.

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upi linked account
upi linked account

Unclutter with Banking's
Universal Remote

Open Account Instantly

One-Stop-Spot for all accounts

Scrambling to keep track of multiple accounts and their passwords and OTPs is so last year. Bring all your accounts under one secure roof with a unified platform that acts as your own personal universal remote for banking.

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The Unbank You Can
Bank On!

We bring you a life of safety and quality, without any of the anxiety.


World's Best
Digital Bank

Asia's  Safest Bank

Safest Bank

World's Best Bank

Best Bank

digibank is designed to keep your money safe and your life worry-free. We’ve taken the hassles of a third-party OTP away, and replaced it with our in-built safety features to help you enjoy a seamless and secure life.

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why digibank

digibank - the Unbank
for GOAL Diggers

From 5-week plans to 5-year plans, we help you take care of your goals.

Customisable Dashboard


Goal-Based Savings

 Up to 7.50%* p.a. interest on Fixed Deposits

Up to 7.50%* p.a. interest on Fixed Deposits

The latest iPhone? Those gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes? That epic Euro-Trip? Make it all happen, without a sweat. Say hello to goal-based savings made in true Unbank fashion. Plan, budget and save with high-interest RDs and FDs that turn your dreams into goals, goals into plans and plans into action.

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The App That YOU Deserve

Experience a Smarter
Relationship With Money

AI Powered

AI Powered

digibot – your 24*7 Banking Buddy

digibot – your 24*7 Banking Buddy

It’s safe, it’s smart, it’s savvy, it’s SO MUCH MORE. digibank moves and grows with you, can be moulded according to your needs and offers you round-the-clock intelligent support.


Experience a Smarter Relationship With Money

Millions of Indians are now
Unbanking with digibank.
What about you?

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Awarded by Global Finance 2009-2022.

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