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Cash transactions have almost become passé today. With so many innovative means of making payments, you no longer need to carry cash or bank cards to pay for your various purchases. With the Bharat QR Code, you can pay for purchases via your smartphone. Simply download the digibank by DBS mobile app to make QR code-based payments with utmost ease and convenience.

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What is the Bharat QR Code?

Bharat QR is a QR or Quick Response based payment method that enables you to conduct cashless transactions in seconds. You can use this facility to make P2M (Person to Merchant) digital payments from your internet-enabled smartphone. All you need to do is scan the QR code displayed at the billing counter or Point Of Sale (POS) machine using a Bharat QR enabled mobile application.

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Features and Benefits of Bharat QR Code

  • Bharat QR Code enables you to make cashless payments in seconds are participating outlets.
  • All payments through Bharat QR are securely encrypted and transmitted, and your debit or credit card details are not shared with third party users.
  • Bharat QR Code payments are interoperable, and you can conduct them using Visa, MasterCard, RuPay and other similar bank cards etc.
  • You can also enjoy exclusive offers, deals, and discounts on select brands for using the QR code payment solutions through the digibank mobile banking app.

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How To Use Bharat QR Codes To Make Payments?

Now make cashless payments in seconds with Bharat QR. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the Bharat QR or UPI QR mark and code at the billing counter wherever you need to make online or offline payments.
  2. Login to your digibank app and select the QR Code payment option.
  3. Scan the QR Code through the app to get merchant details.
  4. Enter the amount payable and confirm the same.
  5. Authenticate the transaction for the merchant to receive the payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code?

The Bharat/UPI QR code is essentially a bar code comprising information about merchants such as their name & account number, in which the payment is credited. This QR code captures the transaction details when you initiate a payment. To pay a merchant, you simply need to scan their QR code using the in-built scanner in the digibank app and complete the payment process.

Who can make payments using Bharat QR?

All digibank Savings Account holders can make payments using Bharat QR Code. You simply have to log into the digibank app to scan and pay.

What should I scan to make payments via Bharat QR?

Bharat QR Code is a very convenient payment acceptance solution, for which you only need a smartphone and a stable internet connection. You need to log in to the digibank app and use the funds in your Savings Account to make payments. To pay, you can scan the QR Code displayed at the billing counter at merchant stores or Point Of Sale terminals.

What happens if I make an incorrect transaction via Bharat QR?

You can request the merchant to directly initiate a refund or contact digibank through the virtual assistant on the digibank app.

What charges does digibank levy for QR Code payments?

At digibank by DBS, we do not levy any charges for Bharat QR code payments.

Can I scan UPI QR code?

Yes, with digibank app you can scan Bharat QR, mVISA and UPI QR displayed at merchant

Is Bharat QR a secure mode of payments?

Yes. All payments made through the digibank application are authenticated first through your secure login and then by the soft token on your device, making it an extremely secure mode of payments.

What happens if a wrong transaction was made?

You can request the merchant directly for a refund or contact us through the virtual assistant on the digibank app.

What will happen to my funds if the transaction fails and the merchant does not receive a confirmation for payment?

In case your transaction fails, the transaction amount will be credited back to your digibank account.

How do I make a payment using Bharat QR?

Look for the Bharat QR or UPI QR acceptance mark and QR code at the billing counter or website or bill copy depending on where you are making the payment. Login to your digibank app and select to pay using the QR code option. You will then need to scan the QR code through the app to get the merchant details, enter the amount and confirm. The transaction will be authenticated using the soft token on your phone and post authentication, the merchant will get paid. Please note If you are using scan to pay option for the first time, you will need to grant the app to access the camera on your phone.

How do I start using Bharat QR?

Just download the digibank mobile application and sign up for an account. As soon as you have added funds to the account, you will be able to make payments using QR. To help you keep track of your payments and budgets, all your Bharat/UPI QR transactions will be recorded on your electronic or paper statement.

Where can I use QR to make purchases?

Bharat/UPI QR makes payments easier everywhere. Just look for the Bharat/UPI QR acceptance mark wherever you wish to pay, whether it’s a retail store or your favourite shopping website.