Personal loans from digibank by DBS help make your dreams come true. The ideal vacation, the perfect wedding, or the latest gadget you have set your eyes on – you can get it through personal loans. Plan for your monthly outflows with our easy-to-use Personal Loan EMI Calculator.

Our customisable EMI calculator for personal loans will help you identify and plan your monthly outflow quickly. It lets you adjust the loan amount and tenure in a way which doesn’t affect your current financial commitments and lifestyle.


Understanding a Personal Loan EMI

You make personal loan repayments through equated monthly instalments, or EMIs split evenly across the loan tenure. Personal loan EMI is the monthly payout you need to consider so that you are financially comfortable during the tenure of the loan. Your personal loan EMI depends on three factors – the loan amount, the rate of interest, and the tenure. The three variables are used to compute the fixed monthly payment you need to make to repay your loan obligation.


EMI calculator for a personal loan

Calculate your monthly repayments by entering the three variables - loan amount, rate of interest and loan tenure. Use our simple personal loan EMI calculator to estimate EMIs and plan your monthly outflows better.



How to use our personal loan EMI calculator

We have designed our personal loan EMI calculator to simplify EMI calculation for you. To use, input the loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure. It automatically calculates the monthly instalments and shares the detailed repayment schedule for your reference. If the EMI is too high or low, you can reset the sliders and modify the variables. If you want a reduced EMI, you’ll have to adjust either the principle or tenure. If you can pay higher EMIs, you can raise the principal amount you want to borrow or reduce the tenure to repay faster.


How to Apply for Personal Loan

  • For digibank users

    Using the digibank mobile app
    Launch the app on your smartphone
    Log in and tap "Loans" in the navigation menu

  • New to digibank?

    Download the digibank mobile app on your smartphone
    Launch the app and click on the "Get Personal Loan" link on the login page

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMI stands for equated monthly instalments. It is a fixed amount you must pay every month to repay your loan obligations.

At digibank we want to make your life easier, to that end, you needn’t worry about complex calculations. You can use our online EMI calculator by clicking here.

We have designed the personal loan EMI calculator to make it easy to calculate your monthly instalments. Input the three variables – proposed loan amount, rate of interest and suitable loan tenure. You can use the easy-to-use sliders to input the right numbers for each of the variables. It will automatically calculate your monthly repayments for different combinations of principal, interest and tenure. You use the sliders to change variables till you reach the monthly outflow that’s ideal for you given your financial commitments.

You have the flexibility to take personal loans from digibank by DBS for tenures ranging from 12 months to 60 months or 1-5 years.

No, personal loans offered through digibank by DBS have a fixed rate of interest for the entire loan tenure. So both your EMI and the rate of interest will remain constant throughout the loan tenure irrespective of fluctuation in market interest rates.

Paying your EMI is easy with the digiSavings account. Ensure that you have sufficient balance two days before the date on which the EMI is due. On the due date, the EMI is automatically debited from your account. You can pay your loan only through the digiSavings account; there’s no option for repayment from other bank accounts. Customers can subscribe to receive notifications in the digibank by DBS app for reminders on EMI due dates and amounts that have to be paid.

Once the loan is sanctioned and disbursed, you can access your repayment schedule from the Statements section under 'Personal Loans' in your digibank by DBS menu.

**All loans will be given out at the sole discretion of DBS Bank India Limited.

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