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ELSS Calculator

Get estimated returns on your ELSS Mutual Funds with the ELSS Calculator

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ELSS Calculator

Invested Amount

₹ 3,00,000

Est. Returns

₹ 2,808,477

Total Value

₹ 5,808,477

ELSS Calculator – Equity Linked Savings Scheme Calculator

Are you looking for ways to save taxes? You can invest in tax-saving ELSS Mutual Funds to earn significantly higher returns. Use our ELSS Calculator to estimate your returns on investments.

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What is an ELSS Calculator?

An Equity Linked Savings Scheme or ELSS Calculator is a free online tool that enables tax-paying investors to estimate the returns on their ELSS mutual fund investments and compute the maximum amount they can save on tax outgo ultimately. With ELSS, you save up to INR 46,800 in taxes, based on your tax slab. You can choose from lump sum and SIP investment with a three year lock-in period and calculate the potential returns.

ELSS Mutual Funds come under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, under which you can avail of tax deductions of INR 150,000 p.a. They provide the highest returns with the smallest lock-in periods among all 80 C investments.

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How to use an
ELSS Calculator?

Using the online ELSS Mutual Fund Calculator involves three simple steps.

  1. Select the preferred type of ELSS Fund investment between lump sum and SIP (monthly) and the corresponding calculator.
  2. Enter your preferred investment amount and duration and your expected return rate. The expected rate of return displayed on the ELSS return calculator will differ from the actual rate of return owing to changing market conditions.
  3. The ELSS Mutual Fund Calculator will compute the output as your maturity amount.
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Benefits of an ELSS Calculator?

  • The ELSS Funds Calculator is an easy-to-use online tool
  • It is free to use and accessible 24x7
  • You can map out your investments to meet your financial goals
  • It helps you compute the returns on your potential ELSS investments
  • You can freely change the input values to accommodate your plans
  • You can compare SIP and lumpsum investment returns for the same Mutual Fund Scheme
  • It helps reduce your tax outgo with effective planning
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ELSS Funds have a lock-in period of three years. Therefore, you receive only long-term capital gains (LTCG). Under LTCG, in a year, gains of one lakh are exempted from tax payment. Gains above INR 1 lakh are subject to 10 per cent tax without indexation benefit.
You can invest in ELSS Mutual Funds online directly on the Asset Management Company’s (AMC) website or visit the AMC branch for offline investments. You can choose from SIP or the lump sum method of investment. SIPS enable you to invest smaller amounts regularly and average out the investment cost. If you select lump sum ELSS investments, you must time the market and support when it is at its lowest to reap higher returns when the market condition improves.
Yes, you can use the ELSS calculator to compute your returns for both SIP and lump sum ELSS investments.
Aggressive investors with a high-risk appetite can opt for ELSS Funds. It is also an excellent instrument for investors looking to gain higher returns with tax-saving benefits.
Compared to most other 80C instruments, ELSS has the shortest lock-in period of only three years. Also, the returns on most other 80C instruments are comparatively lower. Most 80C instruments are designed to create long-term savings, whereas, with ELSS, you can get better returns in a shorter duration. ELSS is a riskier investment instrument as it is linked to equities, while instruments like PPF, NPS, EPF etc., are less risky.
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