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Financial Goal Calculator

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Financial Goal Calculator

Step 01

My Existing Investments

(Present) (INR)

Step 02

My Investment Commitment

Amount I will invest per month (INR)
How long I would like to invest (Years)

Step 03

My Expected Returns Per Year (%)

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Say Hello to Our Financial Goal Calculator!

Planning your finances ahead of time sets you on the course of lifelong financial security. Financial planning requires setting time-bound goals, strategic asset allocations, and investments based on your risk profiles. Utilise digibank by DBS’ Financial Goal Calculator to methodically plan your finances and achieve your goals.

What is a Financial Goal Calculator?

The Financial Goal Planner Calculator an online simulation tool that enables you to estimate the value of your future financial goals. It contains various fields where you can enter specific values. The goal planner calculator computes the future value of your investments and the potential returns in seconds, and you can calculate the ROI on various kinds of investments – equity, debt, dseposits, and more. It also helps you understand how to make periodic investments to ensure your financial goals are attainable.

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How to use a Financial Goal Calculator?

Using the Financial Goal Calculator is very simple. It comprises several unique features and parameters. You can enter the various values in the calculator to compute the expected return on investment, i.e., the total amount you intend to invest to achieve your short and long-term financial goals.

1. Enter the number of your existing investments

Enter the value of existing savings or investments. The calculator takes this amount into account while computing the total value of your wealth.

2. Enter your preferred monthly investment amount

Determine the exact amount you intend to invest each month based on your income and enter the value in the next tab of the financial planning calculator.

3. Enter your preferred investment duration

Decide the time horizon or duration of the investment and then enter the value (in years) in the next tab of the goal planner calculator. Your short-term goals can range from 1 to 3 years, while long-term goals usually last for more than five years.

4. Enter the expected returns rate per year

Enter a reasonable value for your return on investments, based on previous and future market cycles. The expected rate of return may differ from the actual returns rate based on changing market cycles and conditions.

Once you enter these values, the calculator computes the potential returns rate for your investments. It also accounts for market fluctuations, inflation, and other factors which may affect your total investment value. The intuitive goal planner calculator also displays the monthly sums you need to ensure timely investments to achieve your goals. You can also use an online monthly goal planner to plan your monthly investments.

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Key Features and Benefits

Free To Use: The calculator is a freely available online tool that you can access from anywhere, anytime.

Time-saving: You do not have to bother with manual, time-consuming calculations for long term investments.

Error Free: All results computed are 100% accurate and free of any human errors. ROI is subject to market volatility.

Goal Planning: The calculator helps you map out a plan to build wealth over the short, medium, and long term.

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Along with estimating the future value of your goal, the financial planning calculator helps you break down more significant investment amounts into smaller monthly investments so that your goal is attainable, and the finances are easier to manage.
The calculator works on the principle of inflation. The mathematic formula for Inflation is Future Amount = Present Amount X (1 + Inflation Rate)(Number of Years)
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