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Lumpsum Calculator

Calculate the estimated returns on your Lumpsum investment in mutual funds.

Lumpsum Calculator

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Compute Estimated Returns on Lumpsum MF investments with our Lumpsum Investment Calculator.

Are you an investor who prefers traditional, Lumpsum Mutual Fund investments? If you like to make independent investments in specific Mutual Fund schemes in a single transaction and wish to find out the estimated returns of your investment over specific tenures, the digibank Lumpsum calculator is the tool for you.

Use Lumpsum Investment Plan Calculator Online to calculate returns on Mutual Fund Investment

Lumpsum Calculator

Invested Amount

₹ 25,000

Est. Returns

₹ 52,646

Total Value

₹ 77,646

What is a Lumpsum Calculator?

The digibank Lumpsum Calculator is a free-to-use online financial tool that instantly computes the estimated value and the returns rate of your lumpsum Mutual Fund investments.

With the Lumpsum Investment Calculator, you can gauge the potential returns over various investment tenures and evaluate whether your chosen mutual fund scheme can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives when the investment term ends. This automated tool eliminates the need for complicated math associated with lumpsum calculations and calculates the maturity value of your investment in seconds.

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What is an Lumpsum Calculator?

How to use the Lumpsum Calculator?

With the nifty Mutual Fund Lumpsum calculation tool, you can calculate the return value of your investment in three easy steps.

  1. Enter the Lumpsum investment amount in the first tab of the calculator.
  2. Now enter the period for which you intend to stay invested, in years.
  3. Finally, enter a reasonable expected returns rate that you assume your chosen mutual fund scheme may earn based on market predictions.

Once you enter the above details in the Lumpsum Investment Plan Calculator, it will instantly evaluate the maturity value of your Lumpsum Mutual Fund investment.

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Features & Benefits of the digibank Lumpsum Calculator

Features & Benefits of the digibank Lumpsum Calculator
  • You can calculate the estimated returns value of your lumpsum investment over the entire investment period, and over each year individually.
  • The Lumpsum calculation tool helps you plan and manage your finances better since it gives you an idea about the estimated maturity value of your investment.
  • It saves you valuable time that you would have otherwise spent with manual calculations.
  • It eliminates any room for human errors associated with manual calculations and gives you a near-perfect approximation of the potential returns.
  • The Lumpsum Investment Return Calculator is incredibly easy and convenient to use. You could be a novice investor and still use the tool to predict the returns on your investment.
  • It empowers you to plan your finances better based on the returns from your Lumpsum Mutual Fund Investments when the investment period ends.

*Note that Mutual Fund Investments are subject to Market Risks. While the Lumpsum calculator predicts potential returns, it cannot precisely predict accurate returns and market volatility in the long term.

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Lumpsum Calculator FAQs

While computing the value of your Mutual Fund Investment, the Lumpsum Calculator uses the simple formula:

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt


  • A = Estimated return rate on the investment
  • P = Present value of your investment
  • r = Returns Rate on the investment
  • t = Total Duration of the investment
  • n = Compounded interests (per annum)

No, there isn’t. You can freely use the Lumpsum calculation tool as often as you please. You can also use the digibank SIP Mutual Fund calculator to estimate the returns value of your SIP investments anytime.

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