digiPortfolio : Offboarding

digiPortfolio – Offboarding

  • You need to maintain a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000 in each of your digiPortfolio (s)
  • If you make a partial withdrawal / redemption from the portfolio which results in
    • ‘Current portfolio value’ < Rs. 10,000 (or)
    • Change in the overall fund/composition mix of the portfolios

    Then your portfolio will cease to exist and will be offboarded

  • Assuming no outstanding transactions, your ‘current portfolio value’ will be calculated as Maximum of (Amount Invested, Current Market Value of the portfolio)
  • As part of Offboarding, your digiPortfolio holdings will be converted to stand-alone Mutual Funds and will be available in the Mutual Fund section of the digibank by DBS app. You can view and transact all the underlying funds as standalone Mutual Funds.