digiPortfolio : Frequently asked questions
digiPortfolio : Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digiPortfolio?
  • digiPortfolio is a selection of top rated mutual funds selected by Morningstar basis several parameters like risk profile, performance and various asset class.
  • Morningstar, through its portfolio selection team, which has extensive experience managing bespoke portfolios, constructing and monitoring portfolios of varying risk levels ensures that your investments are put to best use possible.
Is investing in digiPortfolio the same as investing in a Mutual Fund?
  • There is a difference between investing in digiPortfolio and mutual funds. Each digiPortfolio consists of a selection of multiple mutual funds to give you better diversification.
  • The composition of each portfolio varies and may consist of different types of mutual funds.
  • It is carefully constructed at varying risk levels to meet the risk profiles of different investors.
Who can invest in digiPortfolio?

All digibank individual savings account holders are eligible to invest in the digiPortfolio.

Is there a lock in period for investing in digiPortfolio?
  • There is no lock-in period for investing in digiPortfolio.
  • Options like top up (additional purchase in the existing portfolio), withdraw / redemption from the portfolio are available.  
Who would be managing my investment in digiPortfolio?
  • The selection of mutual funds are done by Morningstar basis extensive research and are regularly monitored.
  • If there is any requirement to change the mutual funds basis any market event or fund specific event, Morningstar will make the required changes and the same will be intimated to investors for further action. 
What is the applicable fees when investing in digiPortfolio?

There are no fees for investing in digiPortfolio, as it consists of mutual funds, there will be applicable charges like fund management fees and exit loads.

How do I choose the right digiPortfolio to invest in?
  • The investment in the portfolios are aligned with your risk profile which enables you to choose along with an option of investing in Essential Portfolio (INR 10,000/-) and / or Signature Portfolio (INR 50,000/-).
  • It is important to choose a portfolio basis your risk profile to ensure that aspects like market risks and your investment time horizon are well understood.
What is the difference between the Essential and Signature portfolios?
Essential is a basic portfolio with 5 different options of investment with a minimum investment amount of INR 10000. Premium Portfolios have additional features like choice of more funds as a substitute to the existing ones, periodic rebalancing and access to a virtual RM. Please click here to know more.
What is rebalancing?
On a periodic basis, Morningstar will evaluate the portfolios to ensure that the allocation of funds in each portfolio is aligned with the investment objective and the risk level. If needed, the portfolios will be changed by buying and/or selling specific funds which is also called as rebalancing.
How frequently will by digiPortfolio be rebalanced?
Portfolios are monitored on a continuous basis and basis market events and fund performance rebalancing activity will be undertaken by Morningstar with your consent.
How will I be informed about rebalancing?
A push notification on the app will be triggered to the eligible customers with the respective portfolios for viewing the changes and giving consent to the option of undertaking rebalancing.
What is meant by portfolio offboarding?
  • You need to maintain a minimum threshold for each portfolio.
  • If you need do a partial withdrawal / redemption from the portfolios resulting in the non-maintenance of the threshold or change the funds specified in the portfolios, the portfolios will cease to exist. This is portfolio offboarding. 
Under what circumstances will my portfolio be offboarded?
If you make a partial withdrawal / redemption from the portfolios resulting in the non-maintenance of the threshold or change the funds specified in the portfolios, the portfolios will cease to exist. Operational constraints in maintaining the portfolio mix/unique folio numbers in your digiPortfolio may also result in your portfolio getting offboarded
How can I increase my investment in my digiPortfolio?
There is an option to do a top-up in the existing portfolio where additional funds can be used for purchase. Additionally, you can opt for a fresh portfolio as well.
How can I monitor the performance of my digiPortfolio?
You can view the complete information of the digiPortfolio under dashboard section. The performance will be reflect on a daily basis for active monitoring.
When can I expect to receive the proceeds of my investment after closing/redeeming my portfolio?
The funds will be credited to your digiSavings account in 4 - 5 business days if the order is placed within the stipulated cut off time.
How can I change a fund in my portfolio after I have made the purchase?
  • The changing of a fund is possible when the same is initiated by Morningstar due to any change in market conditions followed by your consent.
  • Option to change any fund on your own is not permissible the and the offering of digiPortfolio will cease to exist. 
How long will it take for the funds to reflect in my account?
The funds will take 3-5 business days to reflect in your account once the transaction is completed within the specified cut off timelines.
Can I sell only one fund from my portfolio?
Please Note : The portfolio services will cease to exist since the fund selection will change post sale of any fund which is not as per Morningstar’s portfolio. Therefore, this is not allowed.
How can I get help regarding my portfolio?
For any assistance on the portfolio, you can always reach out to representatives online who will be able to assist you on chat or calls.
Can I switch a fund with my preferred fund in the portfolio?
Switch Funds option is currently not available with the portfolio option. However, the option of choosing an alternative fund from the portfolio is possible in signature option before the purchase.
Where can I see the investment details of my portfolio?
The app will have the complete information in the digi portfolio dashboard section.
How can I get a statement for my Portfolio?
The mutual fund e-statement option in the digibank app will be available along with all your existing mutual fund holdings.
Can I invest in multiple digiportfolios at one go?
It takes 3-5 business days for any outstanding digiportfolio purchase requests to be completed. During this period you will be unable to make any new digiportfolio purchases . To know more visit FAQs on the app
Can I purchase a stand-alone Mutual Fund along with a digiPortfolio?
It takes 3-5 business days for any outstanding digiportfolio purchase requests to be completed. During this period you will be unable to make a stand-alone Mutual Fund purchase in Fund Houses which are a part of your digiPortfolio. To know more visit FAQs on the app
Can I set up a SIP in digiPortfolio?
As of now only lumpsum investments are allowed in digiPortfolio. We are working on making the SIP option available to you on priority
Why cant I view the digiPortfolio option/link on the app?
As of now digiPortfolio is only offered to digibank by DBS customers. We are working on making the product available to DBS Treasures customers on priority
What happens to my holdings in case my portfolio gets offboarded?
Your digiPortfolio holdings will be converted to stand-alone Mutual Fund and will be available in the Mutual Fund section on the digibank by DBS app