digi Bucks FAQs

  1. What is the digi Bucks loyalty Rewards program all about?
    digi Bucks is an exclusive program for digiSavings account holders offering rewards in the form of digi Bucks on select transactions on the digibank App or digibank debit card. These digi Bucks will be accumulated on a monthly basis and cashback will be credited in to account in subsequent month.
  2. Who is eligible for digi Bucks?
    digi Bucks would be offered to all digiSavings account holders maintaining required MAB*(minimum Rs. 10,000).
  3. *How is the minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) calculated? And how much MAB is required for digi Bucks rewards eligibility?
    The Monthly Average Balance (MAB) is calculated on a simple average of day-end balances for a calendar month. MAB is calculated by adding the closing ledger balance of the account of each day from the start of the month to the end of the month. Then the total sum amount is divided by the number of days in that month. Minimum MAB required for earning digi Bucks is Rs. 10,000 per month.
  4. What is the eligibility for redeeming digi Bucks?
    Minimum digi Bucks (in a month) required to be eligible for cashback is 500. All eligible customers will get cashback in their digiSavings account latest by the end of subsequent month.
  5. What are the different levels one can reach for earning higher cashbacks?
    Customers can earn digi Bucks on specified transaction done on their digiSavings account. On accumulating specified digi Bucks and reaching pre-defined milestone, customers will get cashback as part of this Program.

    • Classic: Collect 500 digi Bucks and get Rs.250 cashback
    • Premium: Collect 1000 digi Bucks and get Rs.500 cashback
    • Elite: Collect 2000 digi Bucks and get Rs.1000 cashback
  6. Whom should I contact for any clarification/doubts/queries?
    You can always write to digibucks@dbs.com for any clarification/queries related to the digi Bucks program and can expect a response within 5 working days.
  7. If I open fixed deposit or start an SIP or take an insurance or loan products will be I eligible for points month on month?
    Yes, Fixed deposit/Home Loan/Personal Loan/Mutual Funds will be eligible for digi Bucks for each month as long as these accounts/policies are live with digibank and not pre-maturely closed.
  8. If accumulated digibuck less than 500, will I be eligible for cashback?
    To be eligible for cashback minimum 500 digi Bucks has to be accumulated in a month and reach classic level.
  9. What if for a calendar month the digibuck balance is less than 500, will it be carry forwarded to next month or it will be lapsed at month end?
    Your digi Bucks (points) credit solely depends on from which table you have earned those digi Bucks.

    • If digi Bucks are earned from table 1 , then it will be credited only for that particular month in which after 1 month
    • And if digi Bucks are earned from table 2, then those points will be credited month on month as long as program and product is live.

    Please note that points (digi Bucks) you earn from your transaction is credited on a monthly basis and once the month is over, we have a fresh score card which starts for next month.

    Table 1 Activity Transactions for the month (digi Bucks will be credited only for the month in which the transactions have been done) digi Bucks Description
    1 Funds transfer (Credit) Minimum Rs.20,000 using UPI / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS 100 Cumulative credit of Rs. 20k or more will be rewarded with digi Bucks.
    2 Debit Card spend (Domestic) Rs.2,000 – Rs.5,000 100 Eligible Transaction:
    All purchase transactions on POS / e-POS (i.e. transactions at merchant outlets and online transactions) made using digiSavings VISA Debit Card for that particular *month only.

    Non eligible transaction:
    Any transaction to fund wallet or savings account using digibank Debit Card, cash withdrawals at ATMs or DBS Bank branches, void transactions or Mutual Fund payments(other banks/institutions) will not be considered as a spend for this program.
    Rs.5,001 – Rs.10,000 200
    Rs.10,001 - Rs.20,000 300
    Rs.20,001 or more 400
    3 Auto BillPay Per active biller 50 Only registered bills such as telecom, internet, dth, electricity, gas, power, mutual fund paid using digibank app via auto pay will be rewarded with digi Bucks. Any donations will not be considered for digibucks.
    4 Other Bank Credit Card Outstanding Payment (New) Min. CC payment in a month via digibank app to be Rs.250 100 Any credit card bill payment done using digibank app, only for 1 credit card payment done in a month will be eligible for 100 digibucks. Maximum customer can earn in a month is 100 digibucks on CC payment.
    5 Internet banking Min 1 login in a month 50 digi Bucks will be awarded only on the 1st login of the month.
    6 Mutual fund registration & Risk profile completion All new registrations done on or after 17th Nov 2018 250 digi Bucks will be awarded only to those customers who complete their mutual fund registration along with risk profile creation within digibank app. This will be effective from 17th Nov 2018 for all new registrations only.

    Table 2 Activity One time purchase digi Bucks Transact once, Earn digi Bucks every month!
    1 Fixed Deposit (Revised) Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 100 Tenure of the FD/RD should be 6 months or more. These points(digibucks) will be effective from 1st August 2018 and will be for cumulative fixed deposit holding by customer. For e.g if customer holds 3 fixed deposits of 1 lac each then he would be eligible for 350 digibucks and not 600 digibucks or if customer holds 3 RDs of 5k each then he would be eligible for 300 digibucks and not 450 digibucks.

    The FD/RD should be active at the time of calculating digibucks, if customer opens a FD and closes it subsequent months then that FD/RD will not be eligible for digibucks.
    Rs.50,001 to Rs.200,000 200
    Rs.200,001 to Rs.500,000 350
    Rs.500,001 or more 500
    2 Recurring Deposit Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 150
    Rs.10,001 or more 300
    3 Mutual Fund (SIP) (Revised) Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 100 These points will be effective from 1st August 2018 and will be for cumulative SIP value for each customer. For e.g if customer has 2 SIPs of Rs.3000 each then then he/she would be eligible for 300 digibucks and not 400 digibucks.

    Also for mutual fund we will be considering the AUM (value as of date) and not invested value. For example if you start an SIP of Rs.1500 in July and now the value has come down to Rs.1490 then in that case it won’t be eligible for digibucks.
    Rs.2,001 to Rs.5,000 200
    Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000 300
    Rs.10,001 or more 450
    4 Home Loan (1st disbursement) Any amount 900 Earn 900 digi Bucks.
    5 Personal Loan Any amount 400 Earn 400 digi Bucks on successful disbursement.
  10. What if I have earned 899 digi Bucks in a month, how much cash back will I be eligible for?
    Well, the cash back earning depends on the levels which we have mentioned earlier, here’s the details below:
    • Level Classic: It starts from 500 digi Bucks & ends at 999 digi Bucks. Well, at the classic level, you will be eligible for the maximum cashback of Rs.250.
    • Level Premium: It starts from 1000 digi Bucks & ends at 1999 digi Bucks. Well, at the Premium level, you will be eligible for the maximum cashback of Rs.500.
    • Level Elite: It starts from 2000 digi Bucks +. Well, at the Elite level, you will be eligible for the maximum cashback of Rs.1000.
  11. What if I have earned 625 digi Bucks in a calendar month, the remaining 125 digi bucks over and above 500 will it get carry forwarded?
    As this is a monthly cash back program, every month the digi bucks gets lapsed and in a new month a fresh score card begins. The balance points, in this case, is 125 digi Bucks, however, there is no carry forward for the subsequent month. Your scorecard starts fresh every month and points collected from table 2 gets added in that fresh score card.
  12. What if I make multiple card payments for different credit cards in a month?
    Maximum a customer get is 100 digi Bucks for credit card payment. Even if you make multiple card payments still you would be eligible for 100 digi Bucks.