Cyber Security


Don’t leave your online security to chance. Here are some useful online and email security tips.

  1. Create strong passwords and do not share them with anyone. And remember to change them regularly.
  2. Monitor your account closely and report any suspicious account activity to the bank immediately.
  3. Review the notifications (SMS / Email / In-app) sent by the bank. These notifications are sent for your safety.
  4. Double check the site URL before logging in or sending out information.
  5. Update your browser, antivirus and security programs frequently.
  6. Create separate email accounts for interaction with the bank / official activities and personal activities.
  7. Watch out for phishing messages and do not open links / attachments from unsolicited / unknown sources.
  8. Never send out confidential account information or personal information on email network without encryption.
  9. Subscribe to security services like security questions, SMS alerts, etc. offered by email companies, when out of pattern activities are detected in the email account.