DBS Remit helping your love
go the distance.

Now DBS Remit open for purpose of overseas investment!

Introducing a new remittance feature on DBS Bank, that enables you to invest in overseas equity/debt markets.

With DBS Remit, you can now send up to USD 250,000* abroad to financial institutions at most competitive FX rates & zero bank fee.


How to remit funds for investments in just a few clicks


Add overseas investment payee


Select the appropriate purpose description

Indian Portfolio Investment abroad in Equity Shares or Debt Instruments


Make sure you read and accept the Self-Declarations.
Its Done.

A Lot More Love, A Lot Less Trouble

No distance is too far to keep you from your loved ones. Keep love and life undelayed with DBS Bank's effortless international fund transfers..

Effortlessly Easy

Sending love to those that matter is now easier than ever, with a little help from DBS Remit.



Same Day Transfers

Same Day Transfers*

Zero Fees

Zero Fees

More Room for Love

More love, more savings. Bridge the distance between you and your loved ones, with no extra or hidden costs and rates that’ll make you smile.

100% Credit to Recipient

100% Credit to Recipient

Competitive Rates



Experience growth beyond borders by investing in international debt/equity markets. Our new feature enables you to remit not just to individuals, but institutions as well.







Remittance is best with DBS Bank most competitive FX rates.

You save ~1% when you remit DBS Remit’s most competitive FX rates.



Other Pvt banks ​

USD Conversion rate



Rate to customer ​



Sending amt (in USD)​

25,000 ​

25,000 ​

Sending amt (in INR)​

21,06,125 ​

21,26,875 ​

Bank Fee (in INR)​

0  ​

1,000 ​

Total amount remitted (in INR)​

21,06,125 ​

21,27,875 ​

Savings with DBS​

21,750 ​

*FX Conversion rate is taken as an average of FX rates offered by leading Indian private banks.
**FX rates within our app & other leading banks are refreshed as of 19th March’ 2024.

Whatever be the reason, you can count on DBS Remit!

Whatever your purpose for international fund transfers is, DBS Remit is made for you.

Overseas Education

Overseas Education
& Sustenance
Jumpstart your child’s dream and ensure they’re settling in just fine with the perfect bank remittance

International Gifting

Make a special moment even more magical, by sending your love instantly, from miles away!

Care for Family Abroad Away

Care for Family AbroadAway, but never apart. Give your family the best of everything with quick, effortless outward remittance.


TravelMake the world your oyster, travel worry-free across more than 200+ countries while DBS Remit takes care of your foreign remittance.

Simple, Safe, Delightful
- just how life should be!

Singapore's Finest Bank

Finest Bank

Asia's Safest Bank

Safest Bank

World's Best Bank

Best Bank

Worried about the safety of your overseas money transfer? Your money and love are secure with us. DBS Bank Promise!

By your side, always!

Transfers so quick, so easy, so effortless, you’ll wish we could transport you to your loved ones too! Now remit to 200+ countries with DBS Remit.

A few clicks is all it takes to Remit funds

  • Login to the digibank App
  • Click on ‘Overseas Transfer’
  • Add Overseas Payee
  • Select Country & Currency
  • Enter Bank and Payee Details
  • Add Payee Successfully
  • Go to digibank Internet Banking
  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Click on Overseas Transfer
  • Input all details
  • Select the beneficiary (from already added list)
  • Enter the amount to be transferred
  • Chose the Purpose of remittance
  • Confirm all transaction details & enter OTP to verify
  • Done – Transfer Completed!

Key highlights
  • Online remittances are available from Indian resident savings account & Non-resident external (NRE) accounts.
  • Non-resident external (NRE) accounts and savings accounts held by Indian residents can be used for online transfers.
  • The transaction limit in a financial year is set at USD 250,000 or similar, and the daily transaction limit is set at USD 25,000 or equivalent.
  • Same day transfers are applicable only when transaction is initiated before the cut off time (i.e., before 11:30 AM IST).
  • DBS guarantees full credit to the payee. Note that few overseas banks charge additional bank fee on incoming remittance at their discretion. DBS has no control over fee charged by them.
  • GST & TCS are regulatory charges and non-refundable in case of transaction rejection. TCS charges can be claimed while filing Income tax return.
  • Remittances are only handled during business days for the banks. Transactions initiated on holidays will get processed on next working day.
  • Online remittances can be made for the below purposes-
    • Studies abroad
    • Self-transfers/Maintenance of close relatives
    • Gift and personal donations
    • Indian Portfolio Investment abroad in Equity Shares
    • Indian Portfolio Investment abroad in Debt Instruments
    • Donations for religious/charitable purpose
    • Business Travel
    • Travel to pursue education overseas
    • Travel for pilgrimage
    • Travel for medical treatment
    • Personal travel and payments for international credit cards settlements
    • Medical Treatment overseas
    • Emigration
  • Please be aware that bank account numbers in Canada are typically seven digits long. The recipient's account number should not include the 4-digit branch/transit code. Remittance transactions could be rejected if the format is not followed.
Cut-Off Time

Cut-Off Time

Gone are the days of stressfully marking days off the calendar until your money reaches another country. Simplify life for your loved ones abroad, no matter how far you are, with same day transfers, made possible by DBS Bank. All you have to do is make a transfer before the cut-off time. In case a transfer is made after the cut-off time, the credit will happen on the next day.

Here are the cut-off times for the following countries:

Country IN (IST) Time for same day transfer
USA (in USD) 11:30 AM
Australia (in AUD) 9:00 AM
UK (in GBP) 11:30 AM
Eurozone (in EUR) 11:30 AM
Hong Kong (in HKD) 11:30 AM
Singapore (in SGD) 11:30 AM
Canada (CAD) 11:30 AM
Fees and Charges

Bank Fee


Bank Fee

  1. USD to USA
  2. GBP to United Kingdom
  3. AUD to Australia
  4. EUR to Eurozone
  5. HKD to Hong Kong
  6. SGD to Singapore
  7. CAD to Canada




Rs. 0

Any other currency/country combination

Rs 500

Foreign Currency Foreign Exchange

Currency Converter SGD to INR Rate

GST Charges

Amount of currency exchanged (ACE)

GST Rates

< ₹ 1 Lakh

0.18% of ACE

₹ 1,00,001- ₹ 10 Lakh

₹ 180 + 0.09% of ACE

>₹ 10,00,001

₹ 990 + 0.018% of ACE

Foreign Currency Foreign Exchange 

Currency Converter SGD to INR Rate
TCS Charges

As per Finance Act 2023, all outward remittances transactions under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (L₹) are subject to new Tax Collected at Source (TCS) rates. This shall be applicable for all remittances done by a Resident individual.

Revised TCS rates applicable from 1st October 2023-

  Purpose Description

PAN- Aadhaar linked

PAN Aadhaar not linked/ ITR not filed

  Education & Medical treatment

1. Education where source of fund is LOAN

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  > INR 7 lac – 0.5%

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  > INR 7 lac – 5%

2. Education where source is OWN FUND

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  > INR 7 lac – 5%

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  > INR 7 lac – 10%

3. Medical Treatment & Health services

4. Travel for medical treatment

5. Travel for education

All other purposes

1. Business travel

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  >INR 7 lac – 20%

< = INR 7 lac – 0% ;  >INR 7 lac – 20%

2. Travel for pilgrimage

3. Travel- holiday trips OR payments for settling international credit cards transactions

4. Gifts or donations, Self-transfers, etc

5. Family maintenance & self-transfers

6. All forms of Investments overseas, Migrant transfers, etc

TCS deduction can be adjusted against your overall tax liability. TCS can be claimed in the income tax refund or credit can be availed at the time of filing the income tax return or for computing your advance taxes. Bank will provide the TCS certificate quarterly, which can be used for Income Tax Return filing.

Foreign Currency Foreign Exchange

Currency Converter SGD to ₹ Rate

What could possibly cause my transaction to be rejected?
  • Account not having sufficient funds. Account should be funded with full amount of remittance including GST+ Bank Fee (if any)+ TCS (if applicable)
  • Amount of transaction exceeding USD 25,000 or equivalent 
  • In case the annual LRS limit of USD 250,000 has been utilized
  • Remittance made to your own account overseas under purpose code “Gift” (instead use “Maintenance of close relatives & savings")
  • If incorrect or partial details of beneficiary/beneficiary’s bank has been provided.
  • In case of unauthorized / non-permissible transactions not allowed as per RBI Regulations

To check the exact status of transaction, please drop a mail to [email protected] or call on 1860 208 7368

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send money overseas online?

Login to DBS Bank ibanking and click on the ‘Overseas Transfer’ tab within ‘Pay & transfer’. For adding new oversees payee, simply provide bank account details or ‘Start a transfer’ in case of already added payees. Once the payment request is successfully completed, a confirmation email/message will be sent to your registered mobile no. and email Id.

How do I add beneficiary/payee for overseas transfer through DBS Remit?

To add a beneficiary/payee, you need to log into your DBS Bank account on our website and initiate an overseas payment. You will need the payee’s basic details such as their full name, account number, bank account details, etc., to initiate the payment.

Ensure that you download and log into the digibank app at least once before you add a new overseas payee.

After the payee is set up, the newly added payee’s details will be saved in the system, and you don’t have to enter the details again during your next transfer.

What documents do I need to send money overseas?

With DBS Bank, you don’t need to provide any documents to transfer money anywhere in the world. All the required payment details and declaration are collected digitally during submission of the overseas transfer request on the DBS Bank ibanking platform. You must, however, go through the terms and conditions and the FEMA declaration provided on our website. You will have to agree and confirm the applicable T&C and declaration before submitting your transaction request and by virtue of you accepting these, it would be deemed that you agree to the applicable terms.

Can I initiate an overseas transfer on the digibank app?

In accordance with extant law/regulations in India, currently, remittances overseas are not allowed on mobile applications. You will be able to initiate an overseas transfer from the with DBS Bank ibanking page which can be opened on your mobile.

What type of transactions/under what purpose can an overseas transfer be initiated through with DBS Remit?

Money can be sent overseas for following purposes:

  • Maintenance of Family / Close Relatives Abroad
  • Education Abroad
  • Medical Treatment Abroad
  • Emigration
  • Other Travel (Including holiday trips & settlement of international credit card transactions)
  • Business Travel
  • Travel for Education (including fees, hostel expenses etc.)
  • Travel for Medical Treatment
  • Travel for Pilgrimage
  • Gifts / Donation
Under what circumstances the outward remittance request submitted may get rejected?

Outward remittance requests are typically rejected in case:

  • The account does not have sufficient funds
  • The amount of transaction exceeds USD 25,000 or its equivalent in other currencies
  • The annual LRS limit of USD 250,000 has been utilised
  • The beneficiary country is not part of “Permitted Country List”
  • The beneficiary is not a part of the “Permitted Beneficiary List”
  • Remittance being sent to your own account overseas
  • Incorrect or partial details of beneficiary/beneficiary’s bank has been provided
  • unauthorised/non-permissible transactions not allowed as per RBI Regulations are conducted
What is the minimum or maximum limit on overseas transfer initiated through with DBS Remit?

The minimum limit per transaction for overseas transfer is of USD 10. The maximum transaction limit is USD 25,000 per transaction which is also the maximum daily transaction limit. The annual transaction amount limit is capped at USD 250,000 or equivalent.

The maximum limit of USD 250,000 or equivalent per year for transferring money abroad under Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) is applicable for a customer for all transactions routed through all permissible channels/Authorised Dealers Banks (subject to any purpose specific limit specified by Reserve Bank of India).

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