MTNL Landline Bill Payment

Make life simpler by paying your MTNL landline bill through DBS Bank.

Thanks to the digital revolution, bill payments have become more convenient than ever. You no longer need to leave your home to pay your utility bills. Through online payments, you can pay all types of bills swiftly and securely within a matter of minutes. Now, you can pay your MTNL Landline Bill online from the comfort of your home through DBS Bank's internet and mobile banking platforms.

Types of MTNL Bill Payment

Whether you need to pay your MTNL landline, mobile, or broadband bill, you can do so easily on the DBS Bank Mobile Banking App and Internet banking portal. You can easily set up your biller in minutes through the mobile app and make payments through both mobile and net banking platforms. Once you set up the biller, you can also enable auto payments for future bills.

MTNL Bill Payment with DBS Bank– The Steps

  1. Log in to your DBS Bank mobile application by entering your username and password or through facial scan or fingerprint on your internet-enabled smartphone.
  2. Select 'Pay Bills' on the home page and tap on the 'Pay A New Bill' menu to see the various utility bill providers – Electricity, Landline, Broadband, etc.
  3. Select the MTNL bill you need to pay from three options – 'Landline', 'Broadband', and 'Mobile' from the biller list.
  4. Next, input your MTNL landline or mobile number or the Broadband ID and add an optional nickname for the biller in the second tab on the same page.
  5. On a new page, you will see your name, MTNL consumer number, bill amount and due date. Review these details and click on 'next'. Also, select the option to enable future bill notifications below on the same page.
  6. Your DBS Bank Savings Account and chosen biller, i.e., MTNL, will be auto selected on the next page. This page also allows you to enable autopay for future MTNL Bill Payments.
  7. Click on the 'pay bills' tab to confirm your payment details. Wait for the app to authenticate and complete the payment and add MTNL as a biller to your biller list. This way, you will not need to repeat the above steps the next time you have to pay your MTNL bills.
  8. Check the bill payment details like the payment date, reference ID, etc.

Once DBS Bank successfully processes your payment, you will receive an SMS alert and e-mail notification confirming the payment. You can then check your account statement for proof of bill payment.

Pay your MTNL bills via DBS Bank in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to pay my bill online?

You will need your MTNL telephone number and subscription/consumer account number, which you can find on any one of your old bills.

How will I know if my bill is paid?

Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation text from both, DBS Bank and MTNL stating the bill has been paid.

When will my payment be processed?

If you are paying directly from the app, your payment will be processed immediately. For scheduled payments, it will be processed three days before the due date.