Airtel Broadband Bill Payment

Pay your broadband bill with DBS Bank

The internet is an indispensable part of all our lives today and having a fast-paced connection is significant. Airtel is a leading provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in India, offering broadband services across the country. You need to pay your Airtel Broadband bills on time enjoy uninterrupted internet.

Airtel Broadband Bill Payment With DBS Bank

DBS Bank provides a broad spectrum of services; amongst them is paying utility bills. You can pay for your broadband, electricity, gas, mobile bills etc. You just need to register the respective utility billers on the DBS Bank mobile application and link your DBS Bank account to the biller. If your biller is the presentment type, it will take at least four weeks to complete your registration. You can also conveniently enter the relevant details, choose your preferred payment method, and pay the bills immediately.

Airtel Broadband Bill Payment – The Steps

  1. Log in to your DBS Bank mobile application with your User ID and password or Fingerprint/Face ID.
  2. Select 'Pay Bills' and tap on 'Pay A New Bill'.
  3. Under 'Pay A New Bill', you will find all the utilities, i.e., Electricity, Landline, Broadband, etc.
  4. Select 'Broadband' and search for Airtel Broadband from the biller list.
  5. Enter your broadband ID. You may also add the nickname for the biller in the second tab on the same page for future reference.
  6. You will be redirected to a new page featuring your bill details, including your name, consumer number, the amount due and due date, etc. You also get the option to enable future bill notifications on this page, after which you can click on 'next'.
  7. On the next page, your DBS Bank Savings Account and chosen biller – Airtel broadband, in this case, will be auto-selected. You can also enable autopay for subsequent Airtel Broadband bills on this page.
  8. Now click on pay bills and confirm the payment details. The app will authenticate and complete the payment. The biller also gets added to your biller list. You can conveniently select the biller for future payments without adding consumer details.
  9. You can now view the bill payment details, including the payment date, reference ID, etc.
  10. You will also receive an SMS alert and e-mail notification confirming the payment.

To ensure that the bills get paid on time, you can enable the standing instructions option to auto-pay your bills. You can also click on Savings Account to check your bill payment transaction.

Pay your Airtel Broadband bill in minutes with DBS Bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up the bill payment facility?

You can set up bill payments through the 'Pay Bills' option on the DBS Bank mobile application. You can automate payments so that you do not forget to pay your bills on time.

Can I view the bill on the DBS Bank app?

Almost all utilities are present the bill on the app itself. In the case where it does not, you can view the bill on the merchant website, in this case, the Airtel Broadband website, and pay your bill using your DBS Bank by DBS debit or credit card, or internet banking account.

What are the advantages of Bill Pay?

You can pay almost all types of bills on a single platform within a few minutes or set up auto-payment instructions for all types of utility bill payments, with no hidden or extra charges.

I am unable to pay my bills this month. What could be the reason?

Your bill payment could have failed due to reasons like no activity in your account, insufficient funds, or if you may have exhausted daily or monthly limits. If it is not due to the above reasons, the bank may have temporarily stalled payments due to some technical errors, and you can try again after some time. Please note, if you have just added your biller, you might not receive the bill for the first month and pay, as some billers do not allow payments after the due date.