digibank Account Closure

    digibank Account Closure

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I close my savings account?

    Follow the steps mentioned below on the digibank by DBS app to close your savings account

    Step 1

    1. Login to digibank by DBS app

    Step 2

    2. Click on the side menu option

    Step 3

    3. Select 'Help & Support'

    Step 4

    4. Confirm to close your account

    Step 5

    5. Add alternate bank account details to transfer balance funds

    Step 6

    6. Mention reason for closure and submit

    Step 7

    7. Your account will be closed and you will be notified via SMS and email

    What will happen to the balance in my e-wallet account after closure of account?

    To claim the balance in your e- wallet account, please write to [email protected] , with the following details, bank account details with your account number and IFSC Code. Please note that the name on your digibank e- wallet should match with your bank account name. Please note that the refunds will be credited to your account in 30 working days post the receipt of email and upon verification of customer and the details provided.

    Can I continue to use my virtual debit card, post closure of digibank e-wallet?

    Your Virtual debit card will no longer be valid for use.

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    Where can I contact you for more queries?

    We are here to assist you with any other queries that you may have. You can reach us via Email - [email protected]