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Great offers across travel, entertainment & more

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Use your digibank e-wallet to pay phone bills, electricity bills and make recharges.

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Opening a digibank e-wallet

digibank e-wallet is available if you are residing outside the DBS Branch Locations or in case Aadhaar and PAN are not available. With your digibank e-wallet, you enjoy:

  • Shopping online with your VISA virtual Debit Card
  • Cashback while you shop
  • Great offers across travel, entertainment & more

It’s easy to use and it lets you have it easy.

You can use your digibank e-wallet to pay phone bills, electricity bills and make recharges. What’s more, with your VISA virtual debit card, you can shop at over 1,00,000 online merchants. Aha! Downloaded it already?

More deals than you can deal with.

Cashback. Discounts. Superb deals. Picture yourself loading up shopping carts? Well, you’ll enjoy deals all year round with your digibank e-wallet.

Of course, you get all that and more with digiSavings.

Enjoy up to 5%* interest, zero balance account, unlimited ATM withdrawals at DBS ATMs, exciting Offers on travel, entertainment, shopping and a whole lot more. If you are residing in any of the DBS Branch locations and have an Aadhaar & PAN then simply go for a digiSavings account! *T&C Apply.

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Frequently Asked questions

digibank e-wallet is what you get when you first sign up with digibank. It comes with a virtual debit card, bill payments, budgeting, expense tracking, and powerful customer support.

You can think of digiSavings as the full-featured savings account that comes with everything you'd expect: deposits, interest, a debit card, fund transfer, UPI and no minimums or maximums. digiSavings also comes with everything in digibank e-wallet. To qualify for digiSavings, you need to verify your identity with us by providing your fingerprint.

To register for digibank e-wallet, you simply need to provide your name, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, and city. You need to be an Indian resident who is at least 18 years old.

Opening a digibank e-wallet takes less than 90 seconds.

digibank is available to everyone residing in India. Just download, and get your digibank e-wallet in 90 seconds! You can convert to a digiSavings account with any of our partner stores. Don't wait, come and see us now

digibank e-wallet can be funded only using NEFT

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