Forgot ATM PIN
23 Nov 2021

Forgot Your ATM PIN? Here's What to Do | DBS Bank

A handy guide on the ATM PIN change process.

Key Takeaways

  • If you forget your ATM PIN, you can reset it easily.
  • Visit your bank’s ATM, and follow the instructions displayed on the ATM screen to change the PIN.
  • You can also conduct ATM PIN change through your internet banking account.
  • You will need your mobile number registered with the bank while changing your PIN.
  • Enter the One-time Password sent on your Registered Mobile Number to complete the PIN changing process.

With cashless payments becoming the norm, withdrawing cash from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) has become a rare event. But there are times when you cannot escape cash payments at all. With such moments being few and far between, you may forget your ATM PIN. When the system prompts you to enter your PIN at the ATM vestibule, you wonder I forgot my ATM PIN number’ – what can I do? Well, do not fret; there are simple ways to reset your PIN. Keep reading to know more.

Reset ATM PIN using the ATM itself

If you are at an ATM trying to withdraw cash but realise, “I cannot remember my ATM PIN”, you are in luck. You can conveniently reset your ATM PIN. It is best to choose your own bank ATM to reset the ATM pin. Here are the steps:

Insert the ATM card in the ATM slot in the machine. Once the machine reads your card, The ATM screen will display several options. Select the ‘Forgot PIN’ option, ‘Reset PIN’ option or any other relevant option. Select your bank account type (savings account or current account) and enter your Registered Mobile Number (RMN).

The bank sends a One-time Password (OTP) on your RMN, which you must enter on the screen. After entering the OTP, the system prompts you to set a new 4-digit PIN. Upon successful ATM PIN change, you will receive a notification from the bank.

Reset the PIN via Online Banking

While you can complete most online transactions with OTPs today, occasionally, you may have to provide your ATM PIN too. If you forgot the ATM PIN, you could easily reset it online via internet or mobile banking.

Log in to the internet banking or mobile banking portals and go to the cards section. Select ‘Change PIN’ or ‘Reset PIN’ or ‘Instant PIN Generation’ any other relevant option to reset the PIN. Enter and reconfirm the 4-digit PIN of your choice and click on ‘submit’. Now enter the OTP sent on your RMN and enter it on the online portal to complete the process.

Traditional Ways Of Resetting ATM PIN

If you forget your ATM PIN, you can reset it the traditional way as well. For instance, you can visit your bank, reach out you its customer care helpline, or utilise the SMS services to reset the PIN. Here’s what you need to do.

  • At the Bank: Fill up a ‘PIN Reset’ form by visiting the bank branch.


As is apparent, if you forgot the ATM PIN, you can conveniently reset it. You must ensure that you register your mobile number at the time of account opening. To authenticate the ATM PIN reset process, banks send a One-time Password to the RMN to allow instant, hassle-free ATM PIN reset processes.

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*Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. We recommend you get in touch with your income tax advisor or CA for expert advice.