Mutual funds for everyone
27 May 2019

Savings Account interest rates can’t get BIGGER than this.

Find out how Mutual Funds benefit different types of investors across various life stages.

Mutual Funds for Every Type of Investors Overview

Mutual Funds can appeal to everyone – from young graduates to savvy investors. Best of all, Mutual Funds may help you to achieve your financial goals in line with your risk appetite.

Mutual Fund Tip for Career Starter People

You are starting your career and have limited disposable cash. But you have a financial goal of sorts and are unsure how to fulfill it.

Your Goals

  • Invest early and live comfortably later
  • Start own business
  • Buy first car or go on a dream holiday
  • Save money for further studies

Why Mutual Funds work for you?

  • Easy to start investing with just Rs. 500 per month via a Systematic Investment Plan
  • A form of outsourcing investment management to achieve your dreams
  • Offers flexibility to cash out with evolving lifestyle needs
Mutual Fund Tip for Family Starting Person

You are planning for or had your first child and envision a comfortable future for the family. You also foresee higher household expenses and have increasing concerns to plan for the future.

Your Goals

  • Upgrade to a bigger house
  • Buy first car or upgrade to a larger one
  • Build up a wealth nest for a better future
  • Achieve financial security for family development and children’s education

Why Mutual Funds work for you?

  • Offers a fuss-free investment that allows you to better focus on your career and family
  • Allows better risk management
  • Gives you access to funds when you need it most
Mutual Funds Tips for Planning for Financial Security

You are getting comfortable in life and desire a sustainable investment growth while you enjoy your golden years.

Your Goals

  • Continue to work, but at own pace
  • Investment income matches or overtakes work income
  • Explore a second career and pursue personal interest
  • Engage in philanthropic endeavours
  • Planning to leave behind a legacy for future generation(s)

Why Mutual Funds work for you?

  • Provides diversification
  • Offers opportunity to invest in high-priced assets that may otherwise be out of reach
  • Allows convenience in rebalancing current investment portfolio with better positioned/yielding investment



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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.