Ask your Virtual Assistant

Ask, and you’ll get them answered!

Check your transaction history, balances and make payments with your virtual assistant. Want to know how simple it is? Here are some examples.

Can I get a full account?

"Can I get a full account?"

Want to know more about the app? Not just on our FAQs, you can always ask our virtual assistant.

"Is there a daily transaction limit?"
"Can I use my debit card abroad?"

"What are the interest rates?"

"What are the interest rates?"

Get linked to pages that gives you all the information you need!

Pay Ramesh 2000

"Pay Ramesh 2000"

Let our virtual assistant help you make transfers to your friend.

Show my account balance

"Show my account balance"

Get your account details at one go with the help of our virtual assistant.

"What’s my fix deposit balance?"

Show my transactions

"Show my transactions"

Filter out your transactions and get precise information based on what you’re looking for.

"Show transactions from last week."
"How much have I spent on topup."
"How much did I spend on groceries?"