Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Program – digiSavings customers (“Customers”) can earn Rs.200 for each eligible ‘Mobile Transfer’ to their friends and families (“Friend/s”) who do not bank with digibank. All Friends of such Customers will be eligible for a cashback of Rs.500/- on transacting minimum of Rs.5000 /- or more with their physical digibank Debit Card within first 15 days of converting to digiSavings.
  2. Program Period – 1st August 2017 to 30th September 2018 (both days inclusive)
  3. "Eligible Mobile Transfer" means (a) fund transfer by Customer using ‘Mobile Transfer’ option in digibank app to newly added Payees who do not have digiSavings or digibank eWallet and (b) opening of digiSavings account by the newly added Payee by clicking on the SMS linked to the aforesaid ‘Mobile Transfer’ during the Program Period.
  4. Cashback Offer for Friends
    1. Friends need to convert to digiSavings account within 15 days of receiving the mobile transfer funds and spend Rs. 5000/- or more in single or multiple transactions within 30 days of converting to digiSavings account, to avail the cashback of Rs. 500. Purchase transaction on POS/e-POS (i.e. transaction at merchant outlet and online transaction) made using digibank physical debit card will be eligible for Rs.500 cashback.
    2. Excluded Transactions for Rs.500/- cashback for Friends: Debit Card transactions for funding prepaid payment instruments. Funding a digiSavings account using digibank Debit card, or any other wallet, cash withdrawals at ATMs or DBS Bank branches, void transactions, reversal or refund on POS or ePOS transaction, fuel payment, tax payments or mutual fund purchase will not be considered as a spend under this Program.
  5. Eligibility:
    1. Only digiSavings customers are eligible for this Program.
    2. For Rs.200/- credit - Customers will be required to make a mobile transfer of Re. 1/- or more using “TRANSFER TO” option and then transfer using mobile number of newly added Payee during the Program Period. Customer’s Friend/s should have converted to digiSavings account within 15 days of Mobile Transfer.
    3. For Rs.500/- cashback – Friends need to convert to digiSavings account within 15 days of receiving the Mobile Transfer funds and spend Rs. 5000/- or more in single or multiple transactions within 30 days of converting to digiSavings account.
  6. Other Terms & Conditions
    1. For every female referee onboarded till 30th June, 2018, Only Female referrer will get one BookMyShow voucher worth INR 250 (subject to maximum 20 vouchers per months). Customer will receive the voucher by end of every month.
    2. BookMyShow voucher usage has to comply with terms & conditions of the voucher issuing entity ( For any assistance with regards to BookMyShow, reach out to BookMyShow’s Customer Support on +91(022)-61445050 or write to us on
    3. If your Friend/s do not open digibank account within 15 days, the money will be credited back to the Customer’s account.
    4. Every eligible Customer will get credit of INR 200/- for eligible Mobile Transfer. However, first 20 eligible Mobile Transfers during the calendar month will only be eligible for Rs.200/-.
    5. DBS Bank Ltd. reserves the right to debit Customer’s digiSavings account at its sole discretion in case credits posted in a Customer’s digiSavings account exceed 20 (twenty) number of eligible Mobile Transfers per calendar month. The Customer authorizes DBS Bank Ltd., it associates, subsidiaries and affiliates to contact him/her.
    6. The Customer declares that due consent has been obtained from the Friend, to provide his/her contact details to DBS Bank Ltd. to contact the Friend to offer its range of banking services and products. The Customer agrees and undertakes that s/he shall be responsible to DBS Bank Ltd., it associates, subsidiaries and affiliates for any losses or claims that may be occasioned upon DBS Bank Ltd., in the event that such declaration or undertaking is found to be untrue.
    7. As part of the Program, the Friend acknowledges, understands and agrees that when he receives the money transferred by the Customer, the Customer will know that the Friend has an account with DBS Bank Ltd. If the Friend desires to avoid disclosing this personal information, the Friend may choose to apply independently and not respond to this Program. Likewise, by transferring funds to the Friend, the Customer acknowledges, understands and agrees that the Friend will know that the Customer stands a chance to get Rs.200/- for eligible Mobile Transfer. If the Customer does not desire to disclose this information, he/she should not participate in this Program.
    8. Rs.200/- will be credited in digiSavings account of the Customer for every eligible Mobile Transfer, within 30 working days of the Friend converting to digiSavings during the Program Period.
    9. Friend should not be an existing digibank account holder.
    10. If two different Customers register a same Friend, the one who sent the first Mobile Transfer to the same Friend, will be considered as an eligible Mobile Transfer.
    11. Upgrading to digiSavings account is subject to internal policies of DBS Bank Ltd.
    12. Cashback of Rs. 500/- will be credited in digiSavings account of the eligible Friend/s within 30 working days from the date of completion of Rs.5000/- transaction through POS/ ePOS. Tax liability arising from the Program, if any, will be solely borne by the Customer/Friend. DBS Bank Ltd. will have the right to deduct TDS, if applicable, as per existing regulations.
    13. Account closed and Opened under same Aadhaar and PAN Number will not be considered for additional payouts.
    14. The participation in the Program is voluntary and by participating in the Program, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
    15. Referrer will not be eligible for credit of INR 200, if the referee changes the mobile number within 30 days of onboarding digiSavings.
    16. Referee will not be eligible for cashback of INR 500, if referee changes the mobile number within 30 days of onboarding digiSavings.
    17. You consent to our collection and use of your personal data and the use and disclosure of your personal data by/to third parties for the purpose of the Program. You agree to the terms of the DBS Privacy Policy, a copy which can be found at
    18. DBS reserves the right to and may, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, modify/withdraw/suspend this Program, with or without any reason.
    19. This Program will be governed by the laws of India and subject to courts in Mumbai.