Debit Card & Rewards
    Debit Card & Rewards

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What benefits do I get with the debit card?

    Your virtual debit card, which comes with digibank e-wallet, can be used for online and electronic transactions in India, within specified limits.

    Your physical debit card, which comes with digiSavings, can be used anywhere regular debit cards can be used, including online and point of sale transactions, as well as overseas. You also get free unlimited cash withdrawals at nearly 2,00,000 ATMs across India.

    Both debit cards are subject to usage limits.

    What rewards can I get with digibank?

    Check out our deals page for the latest offers. Our rewards, deals, and offers are changing all the time. It simply wouldn't be possible to list them all here!

    How do I qualify for cashback?

    We are offering cash back on qualifying transactions done on your digibank debit card. Find more details for our cashback program:

    How can I find if I get my cashback?

    Cashback will be reflected in your transaction history. It would have the word "cashback" in the transaction description.

    Is there a cap on cashback amount?

    Yes there is a cap on cashback, please find below details for our cashback program: