Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)?
Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) program was started on 1st January 2013 by Government of India to change the mechanism of transferring subsidies. This program aims to transfer benefits/subsidies from various welfare schemes, directly to the people through their bank accounts.
What are the advantages of DBT?
The primary aim of DBT program is to bring transparency and terminate pilferage from distribution of funds sponsored by Central Government of India. The program will lead to simpler and faster flow of information/funds and ensure accurate targeting of the beneficiaries, de-duplication and reduction of fraud.
What kind of subsidies are covered under DBT?
The complete list of such schemes can be viewed here:
How do I know if I am eligible for DBT benefits?
Various schemes under DBT have different eligibility criteria. If you have applied for becoming a beneficiary of any such scheme(s), only then you will receive the benefits as applicable under the scheme. You can read more about DBT and its linked schemes here:
Why do I have to link my account for DBT?
At the time of account opening, you expressed your desire to use digibank account for receiving DBT benefits. For this, we need to link your digibank account so that you can receive your DBT benefits.
How do I know which bank account I have linked for DBT?
You can check the Bank Name of your DBT linked bank account on the UIDAI website ( Please follow these simple steps:
  • Visit UIDAI website
  • Go to "Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status"
  • Verify your Aadhaar credentials using OTP
  • View bank name of account linked for DBT
Can I have two bank accounts linked for DBT benefits?
No, you can have only one bank account linked for availing DBT benefits.
I already have an account linked for DBT. How do I change it to my digibank account?
You can link your digibank account for DBT in 3 simple steps:
  • Login to the digibank app and go to Account Dashboard.
  • Under "Manage Account", go to "Link account for DBT"
  • Provide the requisite details and click on 'Submit'
Why does DBS need my Bank Name of existing DBT-linked account?
This is as per the regulatory guidelines. If you have an existing bank account linked for DBT benefits and you want to replace it with your digibank account, you need to provide the Bank Name.
How will I get to know if my digibank account is linked with DBT?
If the details provided by you are correct, we will process your request within 10-15 working days subject to NPCI confirmation. We will notify the status of your request via your registered email and/or mobile number.
How would I know that DBT funds have come to my digibank account?
Unless you have opted-out from receiving SMS and/or email alerts from DBS, you will receive notifications / alerts when you get credits in your digibank account. Please note that DBS will process the credits to the account mapped with the respective Aadhaar Number as instructed by the Government of India and NPCI. DBS will not be responsible for any delay or discrepancies, thereof.
What happens if I provide incorrect details for DBT linking?
If the details provided by you are not correct i.e. they do not match the NPCI records, your digibank account will not be linked for DBT.
I submitted my details once, but they were not correct? Can I submit my details again?
If you wish to submit the request again with the correct details, you can do so on the digibank app under "Manage Account" section.
I submitted my details more than once. Which entry will you consider for processing?
We advise you to avoid submitting multiple requests for DBT linking. However, if you have done so, our system will pick the last entry submitted by you for DBT linking.

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