Accounts related FAQs

    Accounts related FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I use digibank?

    digibank is available to everyone residing in India. Just download, and get your digibank e-wallet in 90 seconds! You can convert to a digiSavings account with any of our partner stores. Don't wait, come and see us now:

    What kinds of fees does digibank charge?

    For the latest information on fees, please refer to our Rates & Fees page.

    Withdrawal at any DBS ATM in India is free. Charges are applicable on the transactions on non-DBS ATMs in India as per rates and fees.

    What kind of safety features does digibank have?

    Your security is extremely important to us, and we've gone to great lengths to ensure it. Within the digibank app, we use two-factor authentication (2FA) - a combination of your password and a unique One-Time Password that is auto generated in real time - to protect against malicious external parties. All transactions that you make are constantly monitored for fraud, and our systems and infrastructure are always updated to stay ahead of threats.

    digibank, which is a part of DBS Bank India Limited, has won Global Finance's "Safest Bank in Asia" accolade for ten consecutive years, from 2009 to 2018.

    What is dynamic inbuilt security?

    Tired of constantly being asked for OTP? This new security feature ensures you no longer need it if you register your device with us. This is possible because digibank has an embedded soft token security, avoiding the need to wait for SMSs to arrive and providing even stronger security for transaction authorisation. Authentication will now happen securely and automatically every time you transact. No more waiting for OTP, ever! Happy Banking.

    Why do I have to use the dynamic inbuilt security?

    Your security is extremely important to us, and we've gone to great lengths to ensure it. With this new security tool you are no longer asked for an OTP if you register your device with us. Authentication will now happen securely and automatically every time you transact. All your financial transactions will be protected against malicious external parties.

    Do I have an option to not use the dynamic inbuilt security?

    No, you don't have the option of not using the new authentication mechanism. It's safe, convenient and removes the pain of waiting for the SMS OTP to arrive and keying it in. Why would you not want to use it?

    Why was I locked out of the app while upgrading to the dynamic inbuilt security?

    It's because you keyed in an incorrect One Time Password (OTP) required to complete the upgrade. As a security measure, your account is temporarily locked. Our customer care agent will get in touch with you to assist you in unlocking the account and completing the upgrade.

    I am not receiving the OTP while upgrading to the dynamic inbuilt security? How should I proceed?

    In case you're not receiving the split 8 digit One Time Password (OTP) required to upgrade, please reach out to us by calling the customer call centre number which gets displayed on the split 8 digit OTP screen. The number will be displayed on the OTP screen in the digibank app during the upgrade flow.

    What are digibank e-wallet and digiSavings, and how are they different?

    digibank e-wallet is what you get when you first sign up with digibank. It comes with a virtual debit card, bill payments, budgeting, expense tracking, and powerful customer support.

    You can think of digiSavings as the full-featured savings account that comes with everything you'd expect: deposits, interest, a debit card, fund transfer, UPI and no minimums or maximums. digiSavings also comes with everything in digibank e-wallet. To qualify for digiSavings, you need to verify your identity with us by providing your fingerprint.

    How much interest can I earn?

    We pride ourselves on our competitive interest rates, among other exciting features. For more details on the interest rates, visit:

    What are the requirements for opening a bank account?

    To register for digibank e-wallet, you simply need to provide your name, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, and city. To open a digiSavings, you need to provide your fingerprint for biometric authentication, your Aadhaar number, and your PAN.

    In both cases, you need to be an Indian resident who is at least 18 years old.

    How long does it take to activate my new account?

    Opening a digibank e-wallet takes less than 90 seconds. You can convert to a digiSavings account by completing your biometric authentication at any of our partner stores. Come and see us now:

    How do I fund my account?

    Your digibank account can be funded using UPI from ‘Add money’ option in digibank app or by transferring funds from another bank.

    Can I make investments with digibank?

    Yes, you can carry out investments through digibank once you have registered for mutual fund services through the digibank app. To invest post registering click on the ‘Mutual Fund’ tab on the dashboard of the digibank app.

    I think there's been fraudulent activity on my account?

    We will work with you to resolve any issues swiftly and responsibly. Please click here to chat with our 24x7 virtual assistant.

    I've lost my debit card?

    You should block your debit card immediately by accessing the dashboard menu within the digibank app. Once you've done this, you can request for a new debit card.

    Does digibank offer joint accounts or small business accounts?

    We don't offer joint personal accounts or small business accounts right now.