Hybrid Funds

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The perfect solution to risk mitigation and earning decent returns is to invest in Hybrid Mutual Funds comprising high-risk equity and low-risk debt instruments. With Hybrid Funds, you can create a balanced investment portfolio, generating regular income and capital appreciation. Each Hybrid Fund consists of a different combination of debt and equity investments. At DBS Bank, you can choose from the best Hybrid Funds and select those that meet your financial goals.

Key Benefits of Hybrid Mutual Funds

Active Risk Management

Hybrid Fund investments enable active risk management through portfolio diversification by combining non-correlated asset classes like equity and debt.


Hybrid Funds invest across different asset classes and sub-classes for increased diversification.

Caters To Various Risk Profiles

While investing in Hybrid Funds, you can invest per your risk tolerance levels and choose from conservative, moderate, or aggressive Hybrid Funds.

Tax Efficient

Like Balanced Funds, Hybrid Funds comprise a judicious combination of equity and debt and are a tax-efficient option. The short-term gains attract a concessional tax rate of just 15%, whereas long term capital gains (on funds held for more than a year) as classified as tax-free profits.

Professional Management

Hybrid Funds are managed and monitored by professional fund managers saving you the effort of participating in the fund management process.

Popular Categories of Hybrid Mutual Funds

You can pick from a range of Hybrid Mutual funds based on your investment horizon, risk tolerance, and financial objectives.


Equity And Equity-Related Instruments Asset Allocation(In %)

Debt Instruments Asset Allocation (In %)

Other Remarks

Conservative Hybrid Fund




Balanced Hybrid Fund



No Arbitrage is allowed in this scheme.

Aggressive Hybrid Fund




Dynamic Asset Allocation or Balanced Advantage

Not specified - Dynamically Managed

Not specifiedDynamically Managed

As per SEBI Rules

Mutli Asset Allocation

Minimum 10%

Minimum 10%

Minimum 10% in Hybrid instruments, remaining in others.

Arbitrage Fund


Not specified

Arbitrage strategy is followed in this scheme.

Equity Savings

65% minimum

10% minimum

SID carries information about the minimum hedged and unhedged.

Asset allocation falling under defensive consideration can be mentioned in the Offer Document.

How to Apply for Hybrid Funds

Using digibank mobile app

Launch the app on your smartphone

Launch the app on your smartphone

Log in and tap Mutual Funds in the navigation menu

Log in and tap “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu.

Follow instructions to complete verification

Follow instructions to complete verification.

Start investing!

Start investing!

Using the DBS Bank ibanking website

Log in and select Mutual Funds in the navigation menu

Log in and select “Mutual Funds” in the navigation menu.

Follow instructions to complete verification

Follow instructions to complete verification.

Start investing!

Start investing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DEMAT Account mandatory to invest in Hybrid Funds?

No, you do not need to open a DEMAT Account to invest in Hybrid Funds. At DBS Bank, you can invest in Hybrid Funds with a digiSavings Account.

What factors should I consider before choosing a Hybrid Mutual Funds?

You should select a Hybrid Fund based on your risk appetites, financial goals and investment horizons. Also, consider the returns accrued across various market cycles, the investment costs and tax implications.

What is the difference between a Hybrid Fund and Debt Fund?

While a Hybrid Fund invests in multiple kinds of instruments like equity, debt, gold, and international ETFs, Debt Funds invest in fixed income securities.


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