Application for General Insurance

    Application for General Insurance

    Terms and Conditions

    For digibank customers – Customer shall mean and include applicant and/or authorized digibank savings or lite savings account holder

    1. You acknowledge that the Group Mediclaim and Group Personal Accident products are underwritten by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited (“the Insurer”).
    2. You acknowledge that DBS Bank India Limited is corporate agent of Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited having license number CA0257.
    3. The policy covers the Customer and/or Customer’s dependents (as may be approved by the Insurer) to the benefits of the Policy as per the terms and conditions of the respective Policy. You confirm to have read and accepted the policy details available at and
    4. You recognize and understand that the details you submit in the digibank app will be considered by the Insurer for accepting your application for Group Mediclaim and/or Group Personal Accident insurance. Any incorrect or false information by you may lead to rejection of your claim, if any.
    5. You agree that the Insurer will not entertain requests for alteration your choice of policy. Alterations, if any, can be done only at the time of renewal of the Policy.
    6. The policy coverage will start after acceptance of your application and issuance of Policy certificate by the Insurer.
    7. You agree that you do not have a previously purchased Group Health or Group personal accident policy with Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited. In case you buy multiple health policies through this platform, only the first policy would be considered as valid; all subsequent policies issued will be cancelled and premiums paid will be refunded by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited.
    8. Every digibank customer can purchase up to a maximum sum insured of 10 lakhs for health and maximum sum insured of 20 lakhs for personal accident policies through the digibank app.
    9. The insurance policy is a contract between Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited and the DBS customer and is available on digibank app. Your participation in the policy is voluntary.
    10. You authorise DBS Bank India Limited to share your application including your personal and other information including Aadhar number with Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited in order to facilitate issuance of the policy
    11. Renewal of this policy can be either taken up directly with the insurer or done on the digibank app from one year of purchase.
    12. The individual holding digibank account shall be the proposer in all insurance policies applied through digibank app.
    13. You agree and acknowledge that if the digibank account is closed for any reason or the account has insufficient balance, the policy cannot be renewed. The policy will stand discontinued for next renewal date.
    14. Payments: You expressly authorize DBS Bank to debit the policy premium amount in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Insurer from your digibank account for policy issuance and for renewal.
    15. Applications accepted by DBS Bank on the digibank app shall not constitute issuance of insurance cover by the Insurer. DBS Bank shall not be responsible for any rejection of application by the Insurer. If the Insurer rejects the application.
    16. You agree that DBS Bank is purely a distributor and holds out no warranty or makes no representation about quality, delivery of the policy or claims processing whatsoever by the Insurer.
    17. You acknowledge that the Insurer is solely liable in case of death, disability, injury or hospitalization of the insured person(s) and shall not hold DBS Bank responsible in any manner, for compensation, recovery of compensation, processing of claims or otherwise.
    18. You agree to review the Policy document received from the Insurer after acceptance of your application. You shall be bound by all the terms & conditions of the Insurer relating to the grant of insurance that are in force and as amended from time to time.
    19. Claims Processing: The insured person/beneficiary shall get in touch with the Insurer directly, in case of claims and shall not involve DBS Bank in any manner whatsoever. The insured person/legal heir shall undertake to intimate the Insurer, fill up the claim form and support claims with appropriate documents as per the normal procedure laid down by the Insurer.
    20. Cancellation: You may at any time cancel the policy in full as per the terms and conditions of the relevant policy and in such event the Insurer shall allow the refund of premium, if any, at short period scales only as indicated in the policy document, provided no claim has occurred up to the date of cancellation. This grid may be reviewed by the Insurance Company from time to time and changes would be communicated in the cover note or through an alternate communication by the Insurance Company.
    21. The Customer has to ensure during payment of premium from his/her Account that the policy application is done only for self and/or members who can be covered under the policy (spouse and up to 2 children). If any other person is covered under the Policy, the Insurance Company reserves the right to reject the claim at the time of processing and/or at a subsequent date within the validity period of the Policy.
    22. The Customer agrees that he/she has read and understood the product details which include product exclusions, benefits and coverage.
    23. In case DBS decides to switch to some other insurance partner, the same will be communicated to the customer and an option of portability will be provided to the customer appropriately.
    24. DBS is a master policy holder for the Group Mediclaim and Group Personal Accident policy. Digibank customers will receive a certificate of insurance on purchasing this policy.


    These insurance policies are underwritten by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited (“RS”) and distributed by DBS Bank India Limited (“DBS”). It is not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by DBS. You will find the precise terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy in the respective policy contracts. If you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you. Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

    DBS Bank India Limited (IRDA of India Registration Number: CA 0257) having the registered office at GF: Nos. 11 & 12, Capitol Point BKS Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi - 110001 is the Corporate Agent of Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited (IRDA of India Regn.No.102) CIN: U67200TN2000PLC045611 having the Registered office address at No.21, Patullos Road, Chennai - 600002. DBS Bank India Limited (Bank) does not underwrite the risk or act as an insurer. The Group Health Insurance Plan by Royal Sundaram with UIN: IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-H/V.I/184/13-14 is underwritten by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited. The Group Personal Accident Plan by Royal Sundaram with UIN: IRDA/NL-HLT/RSAI/P-P/V.I/180/13-14 is underwritten by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited. The contract of insurance is between the insurer and the insured and not between the Bank and the insured. Bank does not give any warranty, as to the accuracy and completeness of the policies. Bank does not accept any liability or losses attributable to your contract of Insurance. Participation by the Bank’s customers in the insurance products is purely on a voluntary basis and is not linked to availment of any other facility from the bank. ISNP registration valid.

    For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions, exclusions, please read sales brochure of insurer and policy terms and conditions carefully before concluding a sale. Tax benefits are available as per the prevailing tax laws, which are subject to change.