Send Money from India to Europe

Irrespective of how far away your loved ones are, support them and cherish their dreams with same-day transfers using DBS Bank Remit. Experience swift, secure, and seamless means to transfer funds to Europe with DBS Bank Remit. Besides Europe, you can send money online to over 40 countries at zero fees. And it’s entirely digital.

You can use DBS Bank Remit to transfer money to Europe instantly - for funding education, supporting medical treatment, gifting on special occasions, or settlements for holidays or vacations. And you can do all this in just a few clicks using DBS Internet Banking.


Send money to Europe on the same day and at zero fees. Access competitive foreign exchange rates and guaranteed delivery of full credit when you send euros to your loved ones in the Eurozone. With the entire process, from adding beneficiaries to the actual remittance, digitised, DBS Bank Remit eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and enables seamless transfer of funds online.

Same-Day Assurance

We guarantee credit to the recipient on the same day for transactions initiated before the cut-off time of 11:30 AM IST.

Zero Cost*

No fees are charged for customers initiating a transfer of euros to eurozone countries. For any other currency combination, applicable charges will be levied. Click here to know more about the applicable rates and fees.

Best Exchange Rates

DBS Bank customers can access the most competitive exchange rates for money transfers to Europe.

100% Digital

Execute overseas transfers end-to-end with just a few clicks using DBS Bank Internet Banking without any additional paperwork


Know the Cost

No fees are levied for customers who want to transfer money from India to Europe, in GBP to the UK and euros to the eurozone. For any other currency-country combination, bank or agent fees may be applicable as detailed here. Leveraging our global presence, we are able to ensure that you can send money easily to Europe and rest of the world.

Transaction Time

We assure same-day credit for fund transfers initiated before the 11:30 AM IST cut-off time. In case the transaction is initiated after the cut-off time, the transfer of funds will be made the next working day.

How to Use DBS Bank Remit Services

For DBS Bank users

  • Visit the DBS Internet Banking website
  • Log in and click on "Overseas Transfer" tab under "Pay & Transfer"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to send money overseas through DBS Internet Banking?

DBS Bank sets the benchmark for secure banking with dynamic in-built security being the foundation of all our solutions. Users can cap the maximum limit for overseas transfers through Internet Banking. We have an added step of generating a digital token as an additional layer of security prior to confirming the addition of overseas payees. All transactions are authorized using OTPs.

How can I transfer money to Europe?
  1. Log in to DBS Bank.
  2. Navigate to the 'Pay & Transfer' menu and click on 'Overseas Transfer.'
  3. If you have already added the payee, select 'Start a transfer' to initiate. If you have not already added the overseas payee, you'll have to add one.
How can I add an overseas payee through DBS Internet Banking?

Follow the steps below to add an overseas payee

  1. Go to 'Add overseas beneficiary' and enter details like payee name, bank account number, bank name, etc.
  2. Generate a challenge code to be sent to your registered mobile number.
  3. Open the digibank app and enter the challenge code in the pre-login page. Before adding an overseas beneficiary, you need to download the digibank app on your phone and log in once.
  4. The digibank app generates a digital token when the correct challenge code is entered.
  5. Enter the digital token generated on your Internet Banking screen to confirm the addition of the beneficiary.
Can I use the DBS Bank app to transfer money from India to Europe?

No. As per Indian rules and regulations, mobile applications cannot be used for transferring money overseas. But you can access the DBS Bank Internet Banking website through your mobile browser for money transfer transactions.

What documents do I need to submit to transfer money to Europe?

DBS Bank Remit seeks payment details and consent to terms and conditions online before accepting money transfer requests on the Internet. While you need not submit any specific documents to initiate a fund transfer to Europe, it is strongly recommended that you read the terms and conditions and the FEMA Act declarations available here before transferring money abroad.