Transfer money overseas with digibank Remit

Transfer money overseas with digibank Remit

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At a Glance

When you’re transferring money to your loved ones abroad, you also transfer joy.

With digibank Remit, you can now transfer money across 40 countries, including USA, UK, Australia and Singapore at zero fees. What’s more? It’s quick & paperless with same day transfers.


Key benefits of online overseas transfer:

Same day delivery

Your money will be delivered on the same day if transfer initiated before cut-off time

Zero fees*

We will not charge you any fees. No fees imposed on your recipient either

Competitive exchange rate


Guaranteed delivery of full credit to your recipient in following corridors

  • Sending USD to USA
  • Sending GBP to the United Kingdom
  • Sending AUD to Australia
  • Sending EUR to the Eurozone
  • Sending SGD to Singapore
  • Sending CAD to Canada

Cut off time

For the countries listed below, initiate transfer successfully before the cut-off time and your money will reach your recipient within the same day. If your transfer was funded after the cut-off time, your money will reach the recipient on the next working day (from the time your transfer was initiated).

Country IN (IST) Time for same day transfer
USA (in USD) 2:00 PM
Australia (in AUD) 9:00 AM
UK (in GBP) 2:00 PM
Eurozone (in EUR) 2:00 PM
Hong Kong (in HKD) 1:30 PM
Singapore (in SGD) 2:00 PM
Canada (CAD) 2:00 PM

For all other countries or if your transfer to the above countries is in a non-local currency, your transfer will reach the recipient within 1-3 working days from the time your transfer was initiated successfully before cut-off time.