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A Lot More Love, A Lot Less Trouble

No distance is too far to keep you from your loved ones. Keep love and life undelayed with digibank's effortless international fund transfers.

Effortlessly Easy

Sending love to those that matter is now easier than ever, with a little help from digibank Remit.


Same Day Transfers*

Zero Fees

More Room for Love

More love, more savings. Bridge the distance between you and your loved ones, with no extra or hidden costs and rates that’ll make you smile.

100% Credit to Recipient



Stay a Step Ahead of the Curve

Source: Publicly available information available on websites as of 04.05.2020


That's What They Said

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Wherever You Are, We’re There For You.

Transfers so quick, so easy, so effortless, you’ll wish we could transport you to your loved ones too!


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*Note w.e.f. 1st October 2020: Monthly Average Balance (MAB) for digibank Savings Account is ₹5000.

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