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Do your banking needs transcend mere bank deposits to include facilities like instant loans, investment vehicles, and more? If yes, your search for excellent personal banking solutions ends with DBS Bank. At DBS Bank, we offer exceptional Personal banking services to individual and retail customers.

Personal Banking with DBS Bank– What it Entails?

As a DBS Bank customer, you can access a wide range of Personal Banking facilities, including Regular and Privileged Savings Accounts, Current Accounts and Fixed Deposits. We also offer exclusive international ATM-cum-debit cards, credit cards, and an array of investment products and services. You can apply for a wide variety of loans online and enjoy Fast-track disbursals. Also, invest in research-backed, highly rated Mutual Fund schemes directly via DBS Bank internet and mobile banking portals.

Personal Banking Services – DBS Bank

Instant Savings Account Opening

Open your DBS Bank Savings Account online in minutes to conduct your day-to-day banking transactions. DBS Bank offers an instant and paperless account opening process with features that include:

  • Lower Minimum Average Balance (MAB)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Seamless Integration of other bank accounts, biller, and creditors

Fixed Deposits

Open DBS Bank fixed deposits anytime from anywhere through internet banking or the DBS Bank mobile application. Enjoy these benefits for FDs opened through DBS Bank's Personal Online Banking channels:

  • Risk-free investments with assured returns.
  • Flexible investment tenures ranging from 7 days to 5 or more years.
  • Competitive interest rates of up to 5.5%* p.a.
  • No restriction on the number of FDs or investment amount.
  • Deposits insured by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) for up to INR 5 Lakhs.

Click here to know the schedule of DBS Bank FD interest rates.

Fast-track Loans

With DBS Bank personal banking services, you can apply for instant Personal Loans, Home Loans, and Auto Loans. Get Fast-track loan approvals and fund disbursement along with the benefits mentioned below.

  • Paperless documentation
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Quick approvals and disbursals
  • 48-hour freelook period on certain loan services
  • Flexible loan repayment tenure with easy EMIs

ATM-cum-Debit Cards

Your DBS Bank Savings Account comes with a complementary international ATM-Cum-Debit card with the following features.

  • Convenient management of daily transaction limits via the DBS Bank mobile app
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals at DBS ATMs
  • Ability to enable international Mode when travelling overseas
  • Faster contactless Tap-to-Pay transactions on RFID-enabled debit cards
  • Discounts and offers across numerous lifestyle, wellness, shopping, entertainment, and travel brands.

Mutual Fund Investments

Kickstart your investment journey with Morningstar – approved Mutual Fund schemes with DBS Bank to enjoy benefits like

  • Instant onboarding from DBS Bank mobile banking platform
  • Choose from over 250 Mutual Fund schemes
  • Customised recommendations aligning with your investment objectives and risk appetite

Do More, Live More

Open Instant DBS Bank Savings Account in just a few minutes.

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Download digibank.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avail of DBS Bank's Personal Banking services?

Get access to DBS Bank's world of Personal Banking by simply opening an online Savings Account. Download the digibank app on your internet-enabled smartphone and complete the KYC process by uploading scanned copies of your documents.

What is the difference between Personal Banking and Private Banking?

While Personal Banking serves all retail bank customers, Private Banking is pertinent to high-net-worth individuals. Private Banking entails a private banker who looks after your banking requirements while you can access exclusive and bespoke services.

Can I send money overseas with Personal Online Banking?

Yes. With DBS Bank Remit, you can send money overseas at zero charges in specific corridors and enjoy same-day transfers. Enjoy competitive forex rates on remittance. You can add beneficiaries on the DBS Bank mobile app and complete the fund transfer request via any DBS Bank iBanking platform.