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Dish TV Recharge

Ways to Recharge your Dish TV Subscription

All of us are used to owning televisions in our homes. A TV is symbolic of entertainment and news. We have gone from huge CRT televisions and cable connections to sleek and slim LED TVs and Direct-To-Home (DTH) connections. Amongst many, Dish TV is the largest DTH service provider, offering services in India and abroad. Founded in 2003, today, it has over 21 million subscribers in India. You can also do Dish TV instant recharge online.

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Dish TV Recharge Plans and Packages

  • Single Channels: List of individual Free-to-Air (FTA) and paid channels to customise your subscribed packs.
  • Dish TV Combos: Curated Combos of your favourite channels.
  • Dish TV Add-ons: Readymade bundle packs featuring hand-picked channels.
  • Broadcaster Bouquets: Bundles containing channels from the individual broadcaster.
  • Free-To-Air (FTA) Packs: FTA packs with regional and genre-wise bundling.
  • Make Your Pack: Add your choice of channels to your subscription pack.

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Online DISH TV DTH Recharge with digibank

Recharge your DISH TV DTH connection via the digibank by DBS Internet Banking or Mobile App. Follow these steps

  1. Log in to your digibank by DBS internet banking or mobile application with your User ID and password or Fingerprint/Face ID, respectively.
  2. Select 'Pay and Transfer'. A drop-down menu will show you various options.
  3. Click on the 'Recharge' options.
  4. You will be taken to a new page from where you must choose between Mobile and DTH Recharge.
  5. Click on DTH and select 'Dish TV' as your operator, enter your Dish TV Customer ID and choose your digibank Savings Account under the 'Pay From' Option.
  6. Enter the recharge amount and click on Next.
  7. Confirm the recharge details and make the payment. The sums will be debited from your digibank account.

Once you add your DISH TV account details, you can conduct subsequent recharges easily without having to add the consumer number and other information again. You can find the details of the billers under the Payees and Billers tab on the home page of the digibank internet banking platform and mobile app. Note that you can add your billers and payees via the digibank app only. Once you have added their details, you can recharge your devices via both digibank mobile and internet banking platforms.

Download the digibank by DBS app to recharge your Dish TV subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can set your bill payments through the 'Pay Bills' option, and you can automate payments.

You can recharge your DTH accounts in seconds and also enable set up Dish TV as a biller in your digibank mobile app and internet banking portal.

The bank will refund the deducted amount into your account within 24-48 hours.

Dish TV will not charge any amount for three days after deactivation. However, after three days, Dish TV will charge INR 25 as an account maintenance fee during the deactivation period. To avoid this fee, make sure to enable auto-payment on your digibank by DBS bill pay.

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