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The mobile phone has graduated from being a want to a need. Thanks to mobile phones and mobile banking apps, we can access our bank accounts, transfer money between accounts and digital wallets, and make all sorts of payments. We can even recharge our prepaid mobile accounts online with funds in our bank accounts.

Mobile Online Recharge via DBS Bank by DBS Net Banking

  1. Log in to DBS Bank internet banking portal.
  2. Select the bill payment and recharge option, and select the recharge type, i.e., prepaid.
  3. Select the plan of your choice or the recharge amount for the prepaid recharge.
  4. Fill in relevant details such as the service provider, area, etc.
  5. Complete the payment. The funds will be debited from your DBS Bank Savings Account.

Mobile Online Recharge via DBS Mobile Banking

  1. Log into the digiSavings mobile application and select 'Recharge' on the homepage.
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Select your preferred prepaid plan and the appropriate recharge amount.
  4. Select the payment method, i.e., DBS Bank debit card, net banking account, or digibank wallet.
  5. Complete the transaction. The funds will be debited from your DBS Bank Savings Account.

Online Mobile Recharge by Debit Card

  1. Visit the mobile service provider's website.
  2. Select the prepaid mobile recharge tab.
  3. Enter the 10-digit mobile phone number and click on continue.
  4. Select your preferred recharge plan and click on continue and choose online mobile recharge by ATM card online as the payment method
  5. Enter the 16-digit debit card number, card expiration date and CVV, and the OTP sent on your RMN to complete the transaction.

Mobile Online Recharge via digi wallet

  1. Log in to your digibank wallet.
  2. Select the recharge mobile phone option
  3. Select the name of the service provider, area or circle, etc.
  4. Enter the mobile number and recharge amount.
  5. The recharge amount will be automatically debited from your digi wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online mobile recharge?

The following are the advantages of online mobile recharge:

  • 24x7 Availability: You can recharge your mobile online any time of the day.
  • Instant process: Once you make the payment, your mobile gets recharged within seconds.
  • An array of plans: Service providers offer numerous plans for you to select from, based on your requirement.
  • Recharge offers: Making the payment online allows you to enjoy discounts and cashback offers, scratch cards, rewards etc.
  • Payment options: You can choose various payment options such as UPI, credit card, debit card, net banking, to name a few.
What should I do if the recharge is unsuccessful, but money is debited from the account?

In case of an unsuccessful online recharge transaction, the money will be credited back to your account in two or three business days. If not, you can raise a query as follows:

  1. In the DBS Bank app, go to the Chat menu.
  2. Select 'Help with my transaction'.
  3. Choose the recharge transaction.
  4. Provide the reason for the dispute and submit.
What is the limit on the number of recharges?

You can recharge up to 5 times in a day, and the total daily transaction limit must not exceed INR 15,000.