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Vodafone-Idea Bill Payment

Pay your Vodafone-Idea postpaid bill online with digibank

All of us need a mobile connection to talk to our loved ones or for work purposes. So, we must ensure we pay our mobile phone connection bills on time. With abundant options at hand, paying your postpaid bill has become easier than ever. However, the best way to ensure your bill is paid on time and within seconds is by setting up billers on your digibank mobile application and making timely payments through the app or digibank internet banking portals.

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How To Pay Vodafone Post-paid Bill Online with digibank?

You can complete Vodafone bill payment online effortlessly and securely with digibank mobile and internet banking. You can set up Vodafone-Idea as your biller on the digibank app. Setting up billers is a one-time process, after which you can pay your bills any time. You also get options to auto-enable billers and schedule automatic bill payments with digibank. Here are the steps for Vodafone-Idea Bill Payment.

  1. Log in to your digibank by DBS mobile application by entering your username and password. You could also log in with your fingerprint or facial scan on most internet-enabled smartphones.
  2. Select 'Pay Bills' on the home page and tap on the 'Pay A New Bill' tab. A list of various utility bill providers in India, like Mobile, Electricity, Landline etc., will be populated.
  3. Select 'Mobile' and choose 'Vodafone-Idea' from the biller list.
  4. Enter your Vodafone-Idea mobile number in the given tab. You will also see another tab in which you can enter an optional nickname for your VI biller, after which you can add an optional nickname for the biller. Click on the Continue tab.
  5. On a new page, you will see the bill details such as your VI mobile number, due date and bill amount. Review these details, enable the optional future bill notifications tab and click on 'next'.
  6. You will now see your digibank Savings Account details and your chosen biller, i.e., Vodafone Idea. On this page, you can enable auto-pay for future Vodafone-Idea Bill Payments.
  7. Click on 'pay bills' and confirm your payment details. The bank authenticates and completes the payment and adds Vodafone-Idea to your biller list, which you can select conveniently for future payments.
  8. Your payment will be processed, and you can check the bill payment details, including the payment date, reference ID, etc.

Once the postpaid bill transaction is processed, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your Registered Mobile Number from digibank and VI. You can save precious time and avoid any late payment charges by enabling auto-payments with digibank.

Pay your Vodafone-Idea postpaid bills in seconds with digibank by DBS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is online payment via digibank mobile apps?

With digibank mobile app payments, you can rest assured that your payment will be processed securely using encryption technologies that protect your account information.

Can I set up Vodafone-Idea as a biller on the digibank net banking platform?

Currently, there is no provision to set up any billers on the internet banking portal. You may set up billers through the digibank mobile app only.

Can I view my postpaid bill on the digibank app?

Yes, you can view your postpaid bills on the digibank app once you register your mobile number.