Mahanagar Gas
Bill Payment

Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment

Does paying your Mahanagar gas bill every month feel like a bother? Does it add to the long list of utility bills you have to pay each month? Now say goodbye to all the hassles of paying your utility bills online. Pay all your utility bills, including Mahanagar Gas Bill Payments, online within minutes. Use your DBS Bank account for seamless utility bill payments.

Why Choose DBS Bank to Make Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment?

  • With DBS Bank, you can make your Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment at any time, from anywhere.
  • No need to withdraw cash or write cheques, as you can make the payments online on the digibank app or internet banking portal.
  • You can register Mahanagar Gas as your biller and give standing instructions for automated Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment through your DBS Bank Savings Account.
  • DBS Bank does not levy any additional charges for online or automated bill pays. You do not have to pay any registration charges or bill processing fees.
  • No need to visit the gas supplier's office as you can initiate payments 24x7, including on government and bank holidays.
  • Track the due dates of your various billers on one platform. Check the outstanding utility bill amounts, pay-by-date, etc., at the tap of a few buttons.

Steps For Online Mahanagar Bill Payments With DBS Bank

  1. Log in to your DBS Bank mobile app by entering your username and password, or use the biometric login system using your fingerprint/facial ID.
  2. Select 'Pay Bills' and go to 'Pay A New Bill', where you will see all the utilities like Electricity, Landline, Broadband, Gas etc., listed. Select 'Gas' and search for Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment from the list of billers.
  3. Enter your Consumer Number (mentioned on the physical or online Mahanagar gas bill) along with an optional nickname for your Mahanagar gas biller to easily choose this biller for future payments.
  4. The DBS Bank app fetches the bill details, and you will be able to see the bill amount, the biller name (Mahanagar Gas in this case), your name, consumer number, and the pay by date. You may also enable the option for future bill notifications on this page and then click on 'next'.
  5. Your DBS Bank Savings Account and chosen biller, i.e., Mahanagar Gas, will be auto-selected on a new page. Here, you can enable auto-payments for subsequent MSEB bills. If you enable this option, the details of your subsequent Mahanagar Gas Bills will be automatically generated, saving you the trouble of setting up the biller again.
  6. Click on the 'pay bills' tab, confirm your payment details and wait for the app to authenticate and complete the payment.
  7. Your Mahanagar bill will be paid, and you can view the payment details like payment date, reference ID, etc. You will also receive an SMS alert and e-mail notification confirming the payment.

Note that you can currently set up billers only via the DBS Bank app. Once the biller is set up, you can make payments via the app, online banking portal and DBS Bank wallets, too, if permitted by the biller.

Make Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment easy with DBS Bank!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my Mahanagar Bill Payment is completed successfully?

You will receive an SMS alert once you pay the bill. You will also get an instant digital receipt which you can download. 

What is Consumer Reference Number?

The Consumer Reference Number or Consumer Code is a unique code that helps the gas supplier identify your Mahanagar Gas connection.

Where is the Consumer Reference Number printed on the Gas bill?

You can find your consumer reference number printed on the top left corner of your Mahanagar Gas Bill.