What Makes DBS a Sustainable Bank?
01 Dec 2021

What Makes DBS a Sustainable Bank?

A look at the sustainable banking principles and practices adopted by DBS

Key Takeaways

  • DBS has taken various steps towards sustainability through its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies
  • DBS practices responsible banking by providing sustainable financial solutions and protecting customers' privacy.
  • DBS also addresses supply chain issues and creates an inclusive atmosphere through responsible business practices.
  • DBS has been an active participant in various initiatives to address social issues.
  • You can access DBS Bank's sustainable products and services through our internet banking platform and the digibank mobile app.

In this modern financial era, financial institutions have a far-reaching impact, which goes beyond their business activities. Simply offering financial products and services to customers is not enough. Such organisations must carry out their businesses sustainably, keeping the environmental and social impact at the front and centre. To this end, DBS Bank has always prioritised responsible banking by working towards sustainable development goals. To learn more about DBS's environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies, continue reading.

DBS' Role in Sustainable Banking

At DBS, we employ the following ethical and sustainable banking principles to fulfil our goals. We aim to give our customers a world-class banking experience while doing our bit to formulate robust ESG policies. Here are some guidelines we have developed to ensure sustainable banking practices.

Responsible Banking

At DBS, we encourage our account holders and customers to opt for sustainable banking, financial and investment products and services. The bank creates sustainable financial solutions and incentivises customers who select the same. Furthermore, DBS practices an inclusive banking policy, wherein we welcome and appreciate underserved segments. DBS is committed to offering customers financial services that are suitable to such customers and promotes fair dealings.

DBS also protects customers' sensitive data by incorporating appropriate cyber security measures, apart from direct relations with customers. Thus, the bank attempts to prevent cybercrime and associated fraudulent activities. With its robust data governance policies, customers can rest assured about the protection of their financial data while DBS makes headways in sustainable finance.

Responsible Business Practices

DBS has taken steps to conduct business in an environmentally and socially conscious manner by adapting environment-friendly technology. Especially in an era where climate risk is a genuine concern, environmental footprint management is much needed. Apart from ecological concerns, DBS is also making strides towards improving supply chain conditions within the banking industry. DBS is inculcating sustainable supply chain practices and addressing fears of modern captivity in finance frameworks.

The bank has welcomed global banking as an integral sector by creating an all-inclusive workplace. The employees at DBS are encouraged to invest in their professional development while adhering to a code of conduct and sustainable banking principles.

Social Impact

To have a positive impact on relevant social issues, DBS is an active member in various initiatives. DBS practices sustainability by focusing on reducing and effectively managing waste. Plus, DBS also participates in foundations set up to encourage social entrepreneurship and caring for children's education and care for the elderly. The bank also does its bit during times of global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting those economically impacted by the same.

Final Note

At DBS Bank, you place a high value on ethical and sustainable banking practices. With us, you can make sustainable investments and opt for services that promote ESG. You can access our sustainable banking products and services through the DBS Bank mobile banking application and internet banking platform.

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*Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. We recommend you get in touch with your income tax advisor or CA for expert advice.