Benefits of Digital Savings Account
12 Apr 2021

Benefits of Digital Savings Account

Explore the multi-faceted benefits of a digital savings account

TLDR Points

  • A digital savings account is an electronic deposit of your money.
  • It allows easy access to your funds from anywhere at any time.
  • It is safe and secure to use.
  • It helps to keep track of your expenses online.
  • A digital savings account can be set to pay your bills automatically.


Remember when your piggy bank was your only trusted repository for savings? Well, you evolved, and so did the banking system. Today, there are so many benefits of an online savings account that we recommend you open one.

A savings account is not just a secure digital space to keep your money. It is so much more. It is a haven that helps you save, earn, pay, and invest. By the end of this article, you will realise the many benefits of digital savings account.

Benefits of Digital Savings Account

Whether you are a college student or a working professional who manages household expenses, a digital savings account benefits every account holder.

Earn higher interest

Sitting idle is never cool. Same goes for the money in your savings account. So, instead of just sitting in your digital savings account, your money earns a good interest and grows.

Easy access to your funds

Who doesn’t prefer sleeping in for an extra few minutes instead of waking up early and going to the bank? A digital savings account allows you to access your funds from anywhere, at any time through DBS Bank.

Safe and secure

A digital savings account on a secure server keeps your account balance safe.  

Track your expenses

With a digital savings account, you can track all your expenses across months and even years.

Pay your bills

‘The bills are piling up’ is not a statement you can make any longer. You can arrange for your digital savings bank account to pay your bills as soon as they come in.

Start investing

Are you looking to open fixed deposits or invest in mutual funds? You can start any of these and more with a digital savings account.


Read the many benefits of online savings account and make your life easier. Let your digital savings account handle your tedious day-to-day tasks while focusing on the parts of life that you love more.

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