Are you sure you want to delete digibank account?
04 Aug 2021

Are you sure you want to delete digibank account?

Reconsider deleting your DBS Bank account – Access its many features and benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Now you can carry your bank on your smartphone with digibank.
  • You can access your bank accounts anywhere and anytime.
  • Get numerous facilities and services with minimum to no paperwork.
  • Create fixed and recurring deposits and invest in mutual funds with your digital savings account.
  • Get special debit cards with strategic tie-ups with various brands.


digibank powered by DBS is a private bank in India that offers umpteen banking services. Digibank by DBS is an entire bank squeezed to fit into your smartphone. With its lightning speed transactions, you are not only saving your money but also your time. Achieve your goals by investing in high interest  Recurring and Fixed Deposits; and Mutual Funds. Read more to know the perks of having a digibank by DBS account.

Reasons To Keep Your Digibank By DBS Account Active

  • A pioneer in banking, Digibank by DBS launched the first mobile-only bank in 2016 and established itself as one of the most innovative, future-forward banks in the banking sector.
  • digibank has strategically tied up with several A-list brands to provide customers with exciting discounts and cashback on their various spends. Get special discount codes across fashion, wellness, entertainment, travel brands, and save more with digibank. For instance, you can get high discounts on your grocery shopping with a digibank Bigbasket debit card.
  • digibank by DBS also offers paperless and instant local and international fund transfers, thus streamlining inward and outward remittance. You can send money to foreign countries without an intermediator and initiate high-value transactions at meagre costs.
  • digibank's Universal banking Remote enables you to have all your other bank accounts under one secure roof. With this feature, you can check balances and transfer money to other banks conveniently on a single platform.
  • digibank by DBS offers attractive interest rates not only on a Savings Account but also on Fixed and Recurring Deposit Accounts.
  • With your digibank account, you can kickstart your portfolio by investing in Mutual Funds. You have access to over 250 mutual funds and can instantly buy and sell these funds on the mobile platform itself.
  • Digibank by DBS strives to make all its banking processes paperless. By simply fulfilling the respective eligibility criteria, you can apply for various kinds of loans online, with minimum (soft-copy) documentation. In case of an emergency, this feature comes in handy when you need instant money.
  • For over 12 years, DBS's secure banking processes have been awarded 'Asia's Safest Bank' by Global Finance. It has also been named 'Global bank of the Year' by The Banker and 'World's Best Digital Bank' by Euromoney.

Given all these benefits, you should reconsider closing your digibank by DBS account. If you still wish to close your account, you can consult your digibank Relationship Manager for more information.


Digibank by DBS is essentially a bank account in your wallet. With almost all banking features available at your disposal, you can avail of these services anywhere, anytime. All banking services are highly secured through the bank's inbuilt software. Mutual Fund investment is available as well, therefore making digibank your ideal banking and investment tool.

Are you looking for a smart mobile banking app? Download digibank by DBS and explore a world of banking facilities in a few swipes.

*Disclaimer: This article is for information only. We recommend you get in touch with your income tax advisor or CA for expert advice.