How to Redeem Your Debit Card Points?
05 May 2021

How to Redeem Your Debit Card Points?

Earn more with every swipe of your debit card

TLDR Points

  • Debit card reward points get accumulated on select purchases.
  • You can redeem these points for exclusive offers from your bank.
  • Reward points add value to your transactions.
  • Every bank curates a list of offers for its customers.
  • You will find these offers on a bank's website or mobile banking app.
  • You can redeem points online at your convenience.

The points are in, and you have the chance to redeem them, but what makes the most sense for you? What are all the options available, and how do you choose? Here is a guide to redemption and making the most of the debit card reward points you earn.

What are reward points?

Reward points are earned on selected eligible debit card transactions and can be accumulated for redemption at a later stage. These reward points give you access to exclusive offers and discounts from the brands you love. Are you looking forward to a great vacation? Debit card reward points can open up a world of possibilities and offer incredible value to customers.

How to redeem debit card points

For customers who want to redeem debit card points, there are many ways to do so. You can use the points collected on eligible transactions across a wide variety of personalised, high-value offers. There are two primary ways you can redeem your reward points:


Once a certain threshold established by your bank has been reached, you can redeem the points you have earned against vouchers with a pre-defined value. These vouchers can be used in-store and on online purchases unless they specifically state otherwise.

Direct point redemption

Some offers allow for direct redemption of points at the time of purchase at eligible retailers. Whether it is online or at a store, redemption by points is a popular method of utilising customers' points.

Both kinds of redemption methods mentioned above are spread across a wide variety of goods and services such as:


Banks tie-up or collaborate with retail brands or e-commerce websites to provide exclusive offers to their customers on shopping. Discount vouchers or codes ensure that a bank's customers get the maximum value by continuing to transact their debit card.


Point redemption is also possible against travel. Ready to go on a vacation? The points you have earned can provide for the flights, stay or hotel meals.  You may even get a hotel room upgrade, depending on your eligibility.


Why spend the money you earn on additional talk-time when your reward points can do that for free? If you love talking to people, a great way to use reward points is via mobile phone recharges.


No one likes bills, and if there is a faster and less painful way to pay them, then why say no? Reward points can easily be redeemed against DTH bills, allowing you to watch your favourite shows and movies from the comfort of your own home.

High-end electronics

A new flat-screen LED TV, or the latest smartphone may seem interesting. What makes the offer even better is the opportunity to use your reward points to get discounts and access to great deals at eligible electronics stores.

Reward points add real value

Now that you know how to redeem debit card points, what will you choose? Will you spend your points on a new outfit or save for a great deal on the electronics you want to bring home? Whatever you choose, do not let your reward points stagnate; they can be of great value when you need them!

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