Top Performing Mutual Funds
12 Apr 2021

Top Performing Mutual Funds

What are the top-performing mutual funds? Where should you invest your money?

Deciding on the top-performing mutual funds may not be as challenging as counting the stars in the night sky or counting the hair on a sheep. For the uninitiated, here is the interesting analogy - The stories of Emperor Akbar and his intelligent and incredibly witty advisor Birbal have delighted us for generations. In one such tale, Akbar asked Birbal to answer the exact number of stars in the sky. Birbal's legendary and hilarious response was to bring in a sheep to the court and ask people present to count each hair on the sheep's fleece. Fast-forwarding to the present, as we mentioned, finding a mutual fund scheme will not be as tricky, but you do need to be smart like Birbal.

When choosing the right mutual fund schemes, banks, and Asset Management Companies (AMCs) carefully consider several factors. Aspects like historical performance, a fund's NAV, its objective, asset composition, and much more determine whether you should invest in a particular scheme.

The best performing mutual funds have the potential to give you decent returns over time. With so many options available and so many different types of investments possible, how do you identify India's best performing mutual funds? Choosing the right investment should be easy, and that is why we have shortlisted some of the top-performing mutual funds in India for you, making it easy for you:

Top Performing Mutual Funds

Large Cap Funds

Scheme Name

Morning Star Rating

Returns in 3 Years (%)

Mirae Asset Large Cap Reg Gr



Kotak Bluechip Reg Gr



Mid Cap Funds

Kotak Emerging Equity Reg Gr



Tata Mid Cap Growth Reg Gr



DSP Midcap Reg Gr



Small Cap Funds

Kotak Small Cap Reg Gr



Nippon India Small Cap Gr



(Annualised returns as per the Morningstar report as on August 2, 2021.
For the updated returns, login to DBS Bank.)

As you can see, the important information of a mutual fund scheme is freely available. All you need to do is begin your investment journey and watch your money grow over time. Even if you end up lazing about on your couch for a few decades, the money you invest today has the potential to grow considerably without your intervention. If you are ready to invest, we have some great options for you. 

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.