Ideas for an Instagram-friendly vacay on a budget!
10 Jun 2019

Ideas for an Instagram-friendly vacay on a budget!

Your Instagram feed is aching for some stunning #nofilter travel photographs. And you have been planning the picture perfect vacay abroad. But you are on a tight budget. So, how do you get more out of your travel for less?

We have some ideas that will let you wow your Insta friends and followers without blowing a hole in your bank account.

Before you go

Flight tickets and hotel rooms can take up almost 60% of your total travel budget. Spend smartly on these and you can achieve significant savings.

Choose the right destination:

Two tips if you are on a budget: 1) Choose a destination that’s a four- to six-hour flight away – that will save you both travel time and ticket money. 2) Pick a place where the rupee converts well. Think Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand. These countries offer drool-worthy photo ops without taxing your wallet. If you want to go further afield, Turkey may be a good bet.

Choose the right time of year:

Peak season = peak prices. Tickets, rooms, local expenses will be substantially pricier in season. Pick a time that’s just before or after the peak and enjoy lower prices. What’s more, there will be fewer tourists around, letting you take better shots of all the wonderful places.

Book tickets early:

Prices of international flight tickets constantly fluctuate. The earlier you book, the cheaper your tickets may be, though there’s no guarantee. Most experts suggest booking tickets well in advance – even up to five months before your departure. Use online flight comparison tools that will alert you when there’s a fare drop.

Go local for stay:

Sites like Airbnb offer great accommodation options at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Staying with locals offers you a more authentic experience. Your hosts may even point you to some off-the-beaten-track locales that can lift your Instagram feed.

Plan your forex:

Get enough foreign exchange from your bank well before you go. Avoid changing money at airports or the destination – you will end up paying substantially more.

On your travels

Keep walking:

Many international cities are best explored on foot. It’s cheaper, and you will be surprised at what you can discover about a city and its people when you walk around. You are also likely to get better photos for your Instagram feed – photos that go beyond the usual suspects.

Eat like the locals:

Some of the best food you can sample on your trips abroad is on the streets where the locals eat and not in fancy restaurants. Be it Bangkok’s Chinatown or the bustling streets of Saigon, street food can be comforting, both to the wallet and the soul. Not to mention, offer great potential for hashtag-worthy pictures.

Find the freebies:

Look out for free walking tours in brochures, tourist maps or websites like TripAdvisor. The guides for such tours are usually college students who can give you excellent insights into the city. You only need to pay a tip to the guide, which is cheaper than booking an agency tour.

In many cities, museums, parks and other important sightseeing spots offer free entry on specific hours or days. So, plan your days around them.

On cruise, book shore excursions from local travel agencies instead of the cruise company to avoid paying higher prices for the same experience.

An international trip can easily set you back by Rs 2-3 lakh. But if you plan it well and implement our tips, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Plan for your vacation expenses in advance by investing a fixed sum of money each month via a SIP in Mutual Funds You can watch your money grow in the long term due to the power of compounding. For more benefits of SIP refer to our article on lumpsum or SIP.

Bon voyage!

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