Loan Pre-closure Charges
23 Oct 2021

Loan Pre-closure Charges

Learn all about the pre-closure charges for Personal Loan

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-closure involves repaying the entire loan amount before the tenure ends.
  • Banks charge a foreclosure fee plus taxes based on when you pre-close your loan during the tenure.
  • You can also prepay a portion of the loan amount before the tenure ends.
  • Banks charge part payment fees plus GST and limit the number of prepayments allowed.
  • Pre-closure charges for Personal Loans closed within six months of sanction are typically higher.

Loans are a form of financial aid extended by banks to help you organise funds for different purposes. For instance, you can rely on Home Loans, Auto Loans and Personal Loans to buy properties, vehicles, and meet other financial requirements, respectively. Today, you can repay a loan conveniently in affordable EMI payments. But did you know that you can pay off the loan amount before the loan tenure ends with loan pre-closure facilities? Read on to learn more.

What Is Pre-Closure of Loan?

When you avail of a loan from a bank, you agree to pay off the amount borrowed along with interest across the tenure of the loan. However, if you can arrange funds to repay your entire loan amount in one go, you can do so. You can utilise a facility known as loan pre-closure and repay your debt entirely.

What are Pre-Closure Charges for Personal Loan?

While you can close a loan prematurely, the lending bank incurs a loss on its investment. The bank passes on a portion of its losses on you, the borrower, by levying a loan pre-closure charge to compensate for the losses incurred by the bank. Typically, pre-closure charges for Personal Loans are higher if you decide to pay off your loan within six months from the date of sanction. If you close the loan towards the end of the loan tenure, the bank may levy lower charges or even waive off the pre-closure penalty.

What is Part-Payment of Loan?

While pre-closure consists of prepaying the entire loan amount, part prepayment of a loan allows you to prepay a portion of the loan amount. You can use your idle savings to prepay a small portion of your loan. This enables you to reduce the outstanding principal amount, and the interest payment portion is also reduced. While you can make several part prepayments, banks may limit the prepayment instalments at their discretion.

What are Part-Payment Charges for Personal Loan?

Charges associated with part prepayment differ from one bank to another. Most banks generally levy prepayment charges according to the tenure of the loan along with the applicable GST. Some banks permit a maximum of two part payments in a year, that too after completing six months of EMI payments from the date of loan disbursement into your savings account. You can use online Personal Loan EMI Calculators to understand the changes in loan EMI payments due to part prepayment.

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