#StayCool: Your Guide to Buying the Right AC This Summer
10 Jun 2019

#StayCool: Your Guide to Buying the Right AC This Summer

Each year, Indian summers are getting more and more sweltering. With the heat, comes a need for ice lollies, fruit slushes and…air conditioners (ACs). Like any consumer appliance, buying an AC has to be well-thought-out. Going by word-of-mouth is not the best option, so, how do you decide? To buy the best unit, you need to consider 7 things, here they are:

It’s All About the Fit:

The size and location of your room will matter considerably, when making a buying decision. A room up to 150 sq. ft. will need an AC up to 1 ton, for anything between 300 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft., will need a 2-ton unit. Any mismatch in size, would mean higher electricity bills and more energy consumption. Also, the cooling factor would be affected.

For example, if you’re living in a place where summers can go up to 45°C, you may need a higher tonnage unit even for a small room. On the other hand, in cooler climes, buying a higher tonnage AC for small rooms, means you’ll be living in an igloo.

It’s All Written in the Stars:

Each ac unit has a star rating from 1 to 5, higher the stars, the better the performance. In most units, more stars translate to, better power consumption. Invertor ACs, follow a different rating pattern, because of their functionality. These units are expected to run, even during power outages. Most invertor AC brands save electricity bills, even if they’re switched on for longer durations. According to reviews, a 3-Star invertor AC, may give you better performance, than a 5-Star conventional unit.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts:

Appearances can be deceptive and more often, outward features may not give you quality performance. You need a bit of research, to understand the inside functions of an AC unit. For example, a unit with a copper coil will give you better cooling, than a unit with an aluminium coil. Moreover, your AC should be able to give great cooling under any weather condition. The best units will have quality material for optimum performance.

Sounds of Silence:

A silent AC is a great AC. Typically, split AC units, are associated with lower noise levels. If you’re light-sleeper, or have children, you might prioritise your purchase based on this factor.

Great After-Sales, Less After-Worry:

When buying any consumer appliance, especially an AC, the promptness of after-sales services is key. The units require regular maintenance, including cleaning and/or repair. Some well-established brands offer annual-maintenance contracts, once the warranty period is through.

In fact, now, once you purchase a product, you simply have to register it on the brand’s website. This registration information is used as a reference whenever you contact the after-sales customer support. A poor after-sales service can spell endless headaches and practically useless AC, in the future.

Get Your Money’s Worth:

Having an AC is not a luxury any more. You’re living in an age of extreme temperatures. Summers are sweltering and it gets difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The increased demand for AC units, has brought down the price per unit considerably. Now, any good 1-ton unit is available for ₹25,000.

The price goes up as the tonnage increases, also, if you decide to buy an invertor AC, you’ll need a slightly higher budget. So, keep a budget of up to ₹50,000 for a 2-ton unit. Prices of invertor AC units are upward of ₹29,000.

Pay from Your Budget or Get Finance:

You do need to plan your finances and budget, before you buy a unit. Once you’ve done your research, you already have an idea of how much you’ll need. Several brands and partner-dealers offer great discounts on purchases. During festivals, or, off-seasons, you’ll see an increase in promotional advertising for ACs.

There are even great EMI options to look forward to, if you find an offer attractive, it’s great to consider it. If you have plenty of cash at hand, you may want to pay for your purchase at once. Opting to convert your purchase into an EMI, comes in useful when you’re on a shoe-string budget. A consumer appliance loan works like a personal loan. You’ll need to submit mandatory identity and address proofs, to be eligible for one.

You can of course plan your big purchase in advance. Get smart and get investing. Choose a great mutual fund scheme and pay for it through a SIP. You get the double benefit of compounding and maximised long-term profits. For more information on SIP refer our other articles.

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Once you consider all these factors, planning the purchase becomes easy. Now, all you need is the time to visit a showroom and bring home your AC.

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